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2012 Line Skis Preview

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Mr.Pollard's Opus, $850 & Influence 105, $850

Mr.Pollard's Opus, $850 & Influence 105, $850


Line Skis
(888) 546-3754
Jason Levinthal - Rebel Command Brand Director

Mr. Pollard’s Opus (men’s)
Ski dimensions: 144-118-141
Two-sentence description of featured skis: Bucking the trend and always staying ahead of the future, Eric Pollard’s new masterpiece is slightly narrower than past years for increased versatility while actually improving float. This is accomplished with a highly evolved Early Rise rocker design that is precisely blended with the Early Taper as well as a stiffer, more reliable flex pattern.

Influence 105 (men’s)
Ski dimensions: 141-105-131
Two-sentence description of featured skis: This new model is for those freeriders ready for a little more horsepower than Line’s previous Prophet 100 to get beyond the groomed, but also don’t want to be limited by a powder ski. The new Influence105 puts them right in the sweet spot for the best of both worlds.

What trends are you seeing in the ski market?
Excess ski widths & excess rocker shapes with excess promises of what they can do for skiers. At Line we’ve been to the edge and back with 15 years worth of wacky prototypes and now landed at a more precise & sensible use for all the smart, new technologies that have been developed over the past 15 years.


Jason Levinthal - Rebel Command Brand Director

Jason Levinthal - Rebel Command Brand Director


What are you doing to stay relevant in a segment that seems inundated with options?
Although everyone purchases the same lift ticket to the same mountain, they all ride that mountain completely different. No blanket features here, we don’t just say “every ski has this feature, so you’re going to love them!”  We build features around performance, and performance around the specific skier that ski model is intended for. This means we have a larger variety of innovative technologies specific to a ski’s specific performance goals which enables every ski to work that much better for that specific skier. How do we do it? We go skiing, we sit on chairlifts, we talk with skiers, dealers  and creatively come up with new ideas that makes skiing more funner than the day before.

What construction materials do you see hitting the market next year?
It’s close to impossible at this time for any product to exist with truly zero environmental impact, but it would be nice to see more materials and products hitting the market in hardgoods with less impact on our world. I’d like to say we’re leading this direction, but we’re not.

What about in terms of colors/graphics?
Skis have to be one of the toughest canvases to work with being so long and skinny with a gap in between but all brands are getting much better at working with it. We’re a fan of colors that pop to provide good contrast and stand out on the wall but also have more details that you notice when you get close. Line has been about using artwork done by real artists since day one. In the future we’ll definitely see more use of authentic art that is less contrived by all brands.

In terms of what’s selling, where do you see prices trending?
Volume always has and always has been directly related to price. More people, have less money, to buy more skis, at a lower price, more often, more people, have less money, to buy more skis, at a lower price, more often, more people, have less money, to buy more skis, at a lower price, more often, more people, have less money, to buy more skis, at a lower price, more often.

What are you doing to keep prices low without sacrificing quality?
Things don’t always have to cost more to perform great or look great. Our Afterbang ski is a good example. It’s one of our most affordable skis and has more features than most skis at a higher price. It’s not by accident, if you’re creatively designing with the true end consumer’s needs & personality in mind, giving a consumer more is often possible without a cost increase.

Source: Ski Business/Alexis/Overbye
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skied the influence 105 at the retailer demo in Taos it was dumping snow and was by far my favorite ski, best ski i skied for a one ski quiver by far, super fun to ride on in powder and still carved pretty well on packed snow. 

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Hey Sambo.  Thanks for the info.  I've been eying this ski.  Sounds encouraging.  Can you say some more about what you liked about it and your skiing style?  Is it more suited for trees and turns or for power and speed?  How does the metal affect the stiffness of the ride?   How does ride compares to the Line Prophet 100 and/or Sir Francis Bacon in terms of stiffness, camber, etc.?  Know this is random, but can you compare it to the Atomic Access?



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Damn, the MPO seems like the perfect ski. love the graphics too

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