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2012 K2 Skis Preview

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Pon2oon (top), $825 & SuperStitious, $875

Pon2oon (top), $825 & SuperStitious, $875


K2 Skis
Andrew Thomas - Ski Marketing Coordinator

Pon2oon (men’s)
Ski dimensions:
155/130/120 - 169cm size
157/132/122 - 179cm size
159/134/124 - 189cm size

SuperStitious (women’s)
Ski Dimensions: 128/84/112
Available length of skis: 146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm

Target market with the featured skis: 
Both the SuperStitious and the Pon2oon are aimed at expert-level skiers who enjoy exploring the whole mountain in search of fresh snow.  The Pon2oon is the weapon of choice for skiers who live for deep powder days. The SuperStitious is for ladies seeking top-notch performance in soft snow, both on trail and off.

Two sentence description of featured skis: 
Designed with the late Shane McConkey’s philosophy of slaying powder easier, faster, and with less effort, the all-new Pon2oon is rockered in the tip and tail and features a redesigned shape with Powder tip and a non-twin tip Progressive Powder tail.  The SuperStitious is the best choice for expert-level women who charge the whole mountain and aren’t spooked by a blessing of new snow from Mother Nature.

What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
Next year’s skis are on track to continue introducing skiers worldwide to K2’s revolutionary Baseline Technology.  Featuring 5 different profiles with varying degrees of rocker mixed with camber, K2 is out to prove that Rocker is here to stay.

What are three of the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?
-Performance:  K2’s Baseline profiles enhance the performance and versatility of skis in a variety of conditions.  They are designed to make skiing easier and less fatiguing for skiers of all ages and abilities.  Furthermore, K2’s BackSide skis and tools are built with a keen eye towards multipurpose functionality and can be used as snow anchors or combined to create an emergency rescue sled and more.

-Weight savings:  K2’s brand new women’s series, the SuperModels, features skis that are 10-20% lighter than previous K2 models.  The entire line is focused on shedding weight without sacrificing performance, thanks to lighter materials, stronger cores, and innovative women’s bindings systems.

Also, be sure to check out K2’s BackSide series of skis, which use K2 SnoPhobic topsheets, designed with elements of the base incorporated in the topsheets to avoid snow pileup on alpine touring ascents.

-Style:  K2’s Factory Team skis come complete with rowdy graphics, insane die-cut bases, and ornate tip and tail rivets with plugs that can be removed to allow the option of attaching a pre-cut climbing skin to the ski.

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
An entirely new women’s line, the SuperModel Series, features six new ski offerings for women of all abilities.  Women will also love the brand new MissDirected, featuring a 117mm waist and Powder Rocker tip/ All-Terrain Rocker tail, for the ski’s unmatched flotation, bombproof construction, and unmatched “Surfy” feel in powder.

Furthermore, the all-new men’s All-Mountain Performance IMPACT is on a collision course with success for advanced skiers looking for the ultimate versatility within the boundaries of any resort.

Finally, be sure to check out the new park-crushing Recoil, which joins the ranks of K2 classics such as the Public Enemy and the Extreme.  This ski’s 90mm waist and All-Terrain Rocker make it a force to be reckoned with, both in the park and all over the resort.

Any disappearing?
The T:Nine women’s ski category, which set the precedent for women’s-specific ski technology for the last decade, has been retired to the K2 hall of fame and replaced by the SuperModels series of skis.


Andrew Thomas - Ski Marketing Coordinator

Andrew Thomas - Ski Marketing Coordinator


What will be your best selling ski? Why?
The AMP Impact has the potential to become K2’s best selling ski in 2011/12.  The ski is built on the top selling Rictor chassis, so it comes with many of the features of this high-end model.  However, the Impact is a more forgiving version at an incredible price.

Any new materials or construction technologies?
The SuperModels lineup features thinner steel edges, leaner strips of titanal, a slimmer mod structure, smaller/lighter tip deflectors, reduced tail shape, and lighter weight bindings in an effort to create 10-20% weight savings over previous models.

What themes are you seeing for colors/graphics?
K2 is known for having some of the most eye-catching, rowdy graphics on the market.  This focus on fun and irreverence is a recurring theme that will be synonymous with K2 for years to come.

What are price points doing?
K2’s price-point offerings continue to present skiers with the best value on the market on skis that are built to last and perform, regardless of who is riding them and where they are being skied.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?
K2 is reaching out to women of all ages and abilities, in both our ski offerings, as well as the K2 Ski for a Cure series of fundraisers throughout the year.  Found at resorts across the country, these events will encourage women to get on the hill and will help raise money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

What types of skiing do you see leading sales next year (racing, all-mountain, park, etc) and why? How are you planning ahead for that?
Globally, all-mountain skiing will begin to take over as advances in technology, such as K2’s Baseline profiles, will make it easier for skiers to travel off-piste and ski soft snow while not sacrificing performance on hard snow and groomers.

Source: Ski Business/Alexis Overbye

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Damn, I know its just graphics but I reallllyyy love the new pon2oon graphics.

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^^^^ Well, nicer topsheet, but dims suggest that they may be more versatile than older ones. Gotta say that I regard K2's with the same enthusiasm as licking road salt off my truck, but these kinda have me paying attention...


Weird piece is the tail notches. Are these a lot lighter than version 1.0, or do Real Men just not care? 

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

^^^^ Well, nicer topsheet, but dims suggest that they may be more versatile than older ones. Gotta say that I regard K2's with the same enthusiasm as licking road salt off my truck, but these kinda have me paying attention...


Weird piece is the tail notches. Are these a lot lighter than version 1.0, or do Real Men just not care? 


Can someone explain to me why there is sort of this general feeling of contempt for k2?

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No general feeling of contempt. Some here, myself included, weren't been exactly set on fire by the one's we've skied in the past. (In my case, several Apaches between 78 and 100 mm, have not tried the various Backsides or the Toon.) VERY damp, VERY forgiving, basically cadaveral. And it hasn't helped that they or Rossi's seem to vie for  #1 popular rental skis for middle aged intermediates. We all want to stay away from spiritual contamination by GaperSkis. But they've always made well regarded fatter or park stuff, they've pushed design envelopes, and buzz is that their new carvers are nice. So...

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Yeah I guess that makes sense. They are the radio music vs the indie bands that are really talented but not popular to the masses. Havent ski'd my toons yet but I hope they are not among the generic dead skis you mentioned.

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K2 is the ski industry's poster child for corporate greed.  Move production to China, save a ton on cost of production by exploitation of cheap labor, charge the same wholesale and retail price for the product in the good ol' USA all equals much bigger corporate profits.  All the while draping itself in the American flag.  The K2 product is ok, but overall pretty generic and uninspiring, backed up with very aggressive marketing.  All China does is make widgets, they don't care what it is or does, just make it cheaper.   


I for one, would rather support the European companies, whose employees probably ski themselves and a have a passion for the sport, and take pride in their work, and have a history of success.  Stockli and Kastle, as well as Fischer, Dynastar, Blizzard, Head, and Rossignol come to mind.   The home grown idie's also deserve support, because they are all born out of passion for skiing as well. 


As a dealer, I feel that it is important to make these distinctions.  I want to offer my customer the best product and  value for their hard earned money.  Supporting K2 doesn't meet that end.      

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Word is the new toons ski in between the current ones and the Darksides. Compared to the original Pontoons, word is: More solid, stable, charging. Not as nimble. I have not heard any comments about the weight.


I'm way into the nimble personally...


I am often puzzled by some of the sentiments expressed about K2. They were early movers on a range of rocker designs.  Their skis are well made (a tour of their test/QA lab would dispel any doubts about their efforts in this regard). Personally, I scratch my head about why anyone gets excited about some of the "popular" brands around here - when IMO they make joke skis compared to K2. Bottom line - whether or not you like the feel of their skis - and certainly no one has to - K2 (alongside their Jarden siblings) has delivered a level of innovation and quality most of the majors can only stare at with envy at this point. Of course folks susceptible to xenophobia-based marketing and euro-centric fables may hold different opinions.


I am a huge fan of the original toon shape. Still so hugely under-rated and under-appreciated it is not funny. 


FWIW, I'm skiing Praxis & K2 skis this year. No particular religion. Just the folks making the designs I like best.

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cool i love the graphics. 

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Seth Vicious

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Who cares about gaper (hate that word) demos and corporate greed? HOW DO THEY SKI!!? That's what matters. Dayam.


My 2010 obSETHeds rock.

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AMP series



"Super" models, replacing the Luv series, not just a name change, all new skis



Team series



Pontoon and Stash series. 


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(double post)

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Originally Posted by mtnrunner2 View Post

Who cares about gaper (hate that word) demos and corporate greed? HOW DO THEY SKI!!? That's what matters. Dayam.


My 2010 obSETHeds rock.

agreed.  have the same skis i do and they absolutely destroy everything.

post #15 of 15 just posted a solid video review of the 2012 K2 Pon2oon :

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