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BlueHouse skis?

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Does anyone have an opinion on their current line, quality or materials, and quality control?  I am tempted by a deal on a Bluehouse Maestro...  They claim that they make skis in CHina at a factory owned by one of the major snowboard producers or something to that end. 

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I have a pair of the Mavens and skied 1 day on them in early Dec, at Vail. The top sheet appears pretty prone to chipping and I just noticed that behind my one brake I took a splinter of the top sheet off, which in fairness is probably becaue I had a 90 ish brake bent for a 139 waisted ski and the brake scraped it.


As for how they ski I really don't know yet. Price is very low by comparison to other mfg. I was motivated to buy them because of their design and being super optimistic and believing I would encounter a lot of powder on trips west this year.


In a nutshell,"jury is still out".

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I am really curious about these too. They seem like a killer deal, but I am a tad nervous about their rep. 

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This thread bump is amusing, since it looks like he bought the Maestros, skied them, and now has them for sale in another thread.

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Yes, I did. I am switching to the DPS112 RP, which is a better ski but more expensive. For what it costs, the Maestro is a killer deal and I have no issues with quality. The only quality problem is the tune out of wrapper and that's easily correctable.
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I'm not bothered that you are turning over your skis.  I just thought the coincidence of timing was funny.

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Originally Posted by DaPilgrim View Post

I am really curious about these too. They seem like a killer deal, but I am a tad nervous about their rep. 


I've been on the Maestros for a couple of years now and I love them in any soft snow condition.  I've had no quality problems at all.  Mine were among the first batch produced and I had no tune issues.

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They're cheap because they're factory direct. There's no dealer charging handling fees. 


I have first generation Mavens ('08?) and they're not in pieces yet. I'll ski them again tomorrow. They're fun as hell in new snow. (But aren't all fat/soft powder skis fun in pow? Probably. Fun isn't really good enough of a reason to buy any ski over another, imo.) 


They had a horrible tune out of the plastic. But all of my skis get hundreds of dollars of shaping over the years so I don't really care that I had to reshape the base. I grew up in the 80's when all skis required a shop stone-grind finishing touch out of the plastic. Some people can't wrap their heads around the fact that skis need to be tuned. 


I don't regret my purchase. I bought them as my first pow-dedicated ski to learn about the general shape. I knew before I clicked buy that they were being bought to be replaced. I just haven't gotten around to replacing them yet. They're dialed in and amazing in the forest in pow. They'll likely get replaced next year or so with a 4FRNT Renegade-like ski. 

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I am in the process of mounting a pair of District 176's (which i got for $229) to Squire's which i got for $179.  I will hopefully makes these my east coast powder ski (insert laugh track here).  They were in need of a major tune out of the wrapper and there was some rust on the edges.  Not a bad deal, though.  Hopefully I can post an update next year (if and when there is pow).  I have been skiing on Bridge's (172's) for the past season and have a pair of Kendo's waiting for me until next year.  I would have loved to head up to Killington this week, but work and kids and blah blah blah stopped me :( 

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