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Hi! I've been skiing for about 11 years now, and consider my self a high intermediate/low advanced level skier. Although I live in VA and only really ski on small mountains, with blown snow so I guess my ability level is subjective :/. Anyways I love doing bumps, when we have them but mostly ski groomed slopes. I've been to Vermont a few times and skied the trees/powder. It was great fun, but I doubt I'll need skis to handle that since its a once in a while thing. I'm 6' and about 160lbs and have been skiing on Fischer world cup skis for a while now. I'm 17 and the skis were bought probably 5 years ago and I've definitely outgrown them. So I've put off buying new skis, till now. Since the Fischers are so small I've demoed the last few times I went to the mountain. They don't give out twin tips I guess to keep people from ruining ski's but it did help me find I don't really like any of the skis they had. Some K2 ski, Rossignol Avengers and Elan Waveflex. What I'm looking for is a narrower (so the transition from my race skis isn't so harsh and I can still do moguls and whatnot) all mountain ski that I can take to the terrain park. All the kids I go with are boarders and normally stick to the terrain park so I'd like a twin. I've read about the Rossignol S86's and the Armada Triumphs, both of which look pretty cool and seem to be that directional twin I'm looking for. Any experience with either of these skis? Or any suggestions to other skis that would work for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!