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Great weekend over the holidays when school was off.


1/16: Conditions excellent in the morning. Groomed corduroy with small lines and no ice. Things quickly changed, as by 10:30-11 or so, lines for the Berkshire express were about 10-20 min and the singles line was half way up the hill. Crowds were avoided by taking the Whitetail quad. Steeper runs were a mess by noon. The triple going to the top actually had a bigger line than the express lift. Great day despite the crowds, awesome morning.


1/17: Conditions were never great today, constant ice everywhere. Blue ice started to appear on runs like Whitetail early, before noon. But it was completely empty in the morning, so I hit Wild Turkey, Whitetail, Jericho, and Whirlaway while lots of corduroy was still available and conditions were good, but under the corduroy was a sheet of ice. Lines weren't bad at all today, only like 5-10 min on the Berkshire express and practically walk on in the singles line. Did the park a lot today because of the weaker conditions on the black runs on the left side.


Other comments: John Hancock in excellent condition. Liftline has low coverage but closed, while Upper Exhibition has low coverage but open. Either way, I wouldn't want to be on either without some rock skis.


Pic time? Yup.


The Whitetail trail, excellent very steep and long groomer

Picture 33.png



Looking up at the mountain (the steep guys from the top are (from left to right): Wild Turkey, Jericho, Whitetail, Whirlaway, Exhibition, Liftline)



Top left: Upper Whirlaway. Top right: Upper Exhibition. Bottom: Lower Exhibition



View from top of Jiminy



The top of Whitetail. Very steep headwall and run, also a great trail before the crowds ice it up.



And here's me skiing on the bottom of Wild Turkey... taping me skiing the same section of the trail twice



Overall, a great two days and had tons of fun.