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Hi everyone I have read some of the post's and think that there are a lot of people on here with a lot of knowledge.

I hope you can help me......

I am 47 yo 6'2" and 225lbs, Still relativly athletic, I used to teach at a resort in the northeast (NH) over 15years ago.  When I taught I used slalom racing stock ski's (Pre SP, Olin racing, Volkl, Elan) all over 205cm.

A few of the guys I used to ski with are on 177cm now and the Volkl rep tells them they should be on 168cm. 

I admit to being a "Volklaholic" and find it difficult to embrace some of the other brands being recommended.

I think I would really like the Grizzly but there are a few AC30's that are more practical for the money (I dont see myself skiing more than 10 days a year as I like the beach and golf too).

Any input would be great.


Captain D