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Binding low down

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There are numerous posts regarding boots, skis, parkas, etc but what about bindings? Does one manufacturer or model have an edge over another? Or are they all pretty similar w/differences being negligable?
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It seems to me that bindings come down to personal preference. There are no bad bindings on the market. Though some may argue that point. All release well and retain well.

I prefer the Rossignol/Look turntable system. The toepiece is based on the excellent Geze toepiece and the heel is based on the old Look turntable heel. Rossi bought both Geze and Look in order to combine the toe and heel into their own binding. Looks are essentialy the same binder with a diff. brand name and color schemes.

They have worked well for me so I stick with them.

When I buy bindings I look for last years with the proper DIN setting. They will be less expensive than the current year. As long as your DIN setting falls somewhere near the middle of the spring tesnion you should be fine.
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I'll go along with Astro Chimp. I think the Rossi/Look system is the best out there. I used to think Markers were the best but had too many pre-release's with them, and one serious fall because of a step out.
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Okay, cool- thanks for the info. I was basically just wondering if I should stay away from any.

What about ease of entry on steeps? Any noticeable differences? I can remember in years past having a hell of a time w/Tyrolias because the heel piece would swivel.
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Many skis now days require certain bindings so you might not have a choice. Even if you do have a choice you can often get an extended warrantee if you buy skis and bindings from the same company (Rossi/Rossi, Dynastar/Look, Volkl/Marker, Atomic/Atomic...) which to many people is worth more than any differences between the bindings. Personally, I'm a fan of the Rossi & Look bindings with Salomon coming in a close second. Since most of my ski purchases have been Rossi, Dynastar or Salomon the past few seasons it is easy for me to pick out matching bindings.

As for Tyrolia, I have heard a few people complaining about them being a pain to step into in deep snow because of the way the heel piece can swivel. That's about the only complaint I've heard about the brand in recent years. They had a lot of problems in the early 90s but seem to have overcome them.
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Most bindings can be very comparable when similar levals are compared --they might accomplish the same objective in different ways . Like for an example a rear twisting fall (can you say ACL),Tyrolia has a diagnial heel , Marker a biometric toe and look/rossi the turntable and so forth.If you have a top end ski you should have a binding that will not interfere with the flex of the ski , like integral systems or tyrolias freeflex or rail system , or Markers piston or glide that also has a floating toe , or look/rossi turn tables (it is ridged , but they claim the mounting screws are closer together so do not hinder the flex(???). orSalomon claims in thier 912 to give a float (???)From there you have to look at bindings in how they will enhance your skiig , ie amount of lift , Markers Piston and such.
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