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SLC Skiing January 25-27

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My wife has to go to Utah for work next week and I think I am going to tag along to get a few days in.  Anyone else going to be skiing the 25-26?  We'll likely be staying Layton but I am open to going anywhere.

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Bummer, I get into SLC 25th January, but the next day (Wednesday) I'll have to go up to PC to get my skis, so not skiing until Thursday 27th probably (I'm thinking Solitude at this point).

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I am planning to ski Powder Mountain tomorrow.  Wednesday is up in the air and Thursday will be up to my wife since that's the only day she is skiing.  I would like to go to Alta with her but after seeing the car behind us get hit by a tumbling boulder last year while driving down LCC she isn't too keen on the idea of returning there so maybe Solitude on the 27th.

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Well, I'm here! And portentiously, it's snowing a bit (or it was). and Alamo was kind enough to give me an Equinox rather than an Aveo so the roads had better watch out.


I'm still planning a ski day somewhere on Thursday!  It'll be my first in 2 years though so elderly folk will zip by me.  If you guys want to link up at Solitude let me know.  I'll PM you my hotel phone/voicemail just in case.

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