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Volkl AC30 or AC50?

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Im looking for a new pair of skis for my birthday this year and these are what I have narrowed it down to... (obviously I am still open to other ideas). I am quite a small guy, about 5ft9 and 70kg but very athletic. my skiing ability is advanced going on towards expert, more than comfortable on all pistes and happy to push myself elsewhere - i ski about once a year in the alps, but am planning on doing a season in the coming year with a view to doing an instructor course. i am looking for something that is highly versatile, good on groomed slopes but also powder, ice, crud, long and short turns and something that will hold its own in off-piste deep powder as well as for really turning the gas on on groomers. these will be the first pair of skis that i will have owned, and thus will be the only ones i will be using for the forseeable future, which i why i want something that will do everything well. is it worth paying the extra money for the AC50s? i am a big fan of Volkls from what i have previously used, but am open different suggestions...


any advice would be much appreciated, many thanks.

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AC 50's are a stiff ski, and when i saw stiff I mean STIFF


I would go with the AC 30's because you're not super amazing expert skier yet, and you're not a very big guy. 

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Both are primarily hard snow oriented skis, both are very good groomer zoomers, neither is particularly good in softer conditions or bumps. The best Volkl for your needs is the Kendo, the best ski for your needs would probably be something else. The Blizzard Mag 8.7 is hard snow biased but is softer in the tail than either of the Volkls and is better in mixed conditions and bumps while still being stellar at speed. The Rossi S86, Dynastar Sultan, and Fischer Motive 84 are all more versatile in differing conditions than the Volkls or the Blizzi but are not as hard snow oriented.



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Originally Posted by leobold0612 View Post

......Ii am looking for something that is highly versatile......

Then rule out the AC's. Their primary purpose in life is for railing groomer turns, after that, well, they're finished.


SJ gave some far better alternatives.

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If it is your ONLY ski for your foreseeable future..that means the door is open to add a something later, cool. I would suggest the Blizzard 8.1, with the IQ-Max system, you can easily add a ONE or ANSWER to the quiver and use the same binding. The 8.1 is jsut as good on the hard snow (see:ice) as the AC30 and due to a bigger sweet spot, but a much more compliant ski everywhere else

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I know there are more knowledgable folks on here than me, but I would suggest the AC30. Before buying mine, I demo'd both the AC50 and the Blizzard 8.1 Mag and when I tried the 30, I knew I found my ski.

Contrary to what others have said, I love my AC30 in bumps especially hard bumps more common to us in eastern US or Europe. Groomers the ski just plain rips. A couple of inches of freshies? No problem. If there is a weak spot, it would be in very soft and deep snow perfomance, but only as compared to a more soft snow oriented ski. I am at Beaver Creek/Vail right now and I can assure you they are more than adequate in soft snow. Just not as good as a dedicated soft snow ski. Remember you are in Europe and don't get the dry light snow that we get in the western US.

I have found the AC30 to be pretty forgiving as well and is much better at slower speeds than the AC50 (important if you are going to instruct) making it way more versatile as one ski quiver.

For the record, I am 5'9" and 195lbs and am an agressive 8/9 skier.

Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

Rick G
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thanks alot for the advice guys! everyone on this forum is so helpful! i think im gonna go with the AC30s and just try and add another pair to my quiver as soon as possible.

thanks again

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Hey Leobold,


Hope I am not too late to add another suggestion.


As a long time Volkl fan I can totally understand where you're coming from but with a one or two not so impressive skis I have owned recently - 2010 Gotama and 2009 Bridge, I started looking elsewhere. What I found was surprising. I too was thinking AC30 as a front side ski for ripping carpets and mixed conditions. I took one out on demo and was impressed on hardpack but not other places on the mountain. I tried a Kastle MX78 soon after and well there was absolutely no contest. They had all of the grip (if not more) than the Volkl, better snowfeel, more stability and a much wider performance envelop. I would check out the MX88 seeing as you want a one ski quiver. If you do go two (highly recommended) then the MX78 will be a better frontside and teaching ski and even though less wide it still better in soft snow and bumps than either the AC's your looking at IMHO.






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thanks chriscrash. Kastle is a brand that i havn't really heard of before, but having done some research based on your advice, i am starting to think that the Kastle Mx78 might well be the ski for me. my only problem is getting hold of them - i dont think they're very big over in the UK atm. does anyone have any suggestions of a good online dealership to purchase a pair of Mx78s/Mx88s (with bindings, preferably prefitted). i have googled this btw but am not having too much success.

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no worries, i have managed to find the one shop in the uk that sells these! they've only got 176s tho,- i am about 5'9", 150lbs, fairly advanced- would i be able to handle these skis at a 176 or would this be too long?

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Hey Leobold,


I would keep trying to find the 168 cm for the MX78, although the 176 would probably be fine it would just demand a bit more speed, respect, energy to get the most from it. A 174 in the MX88 however makes good sense as it could see more soft snow powder use.


For reference I am 6' 190lbs and a strong level 8, my other soft snow skis are have all been 183 to 190cm. The 176 MX78 seems plenty of ski for me. Retailers? Dawgcatching only shows a 184. Fanatic Co in Whistler may have some. These skis are hard to find, try contacting the local Kastle rep, details should be on Kastle's web page. They helped me here in BC.

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