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Bus/Train to PA Resorts that Border NJ?

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mainly looking into either Camelback, Bear Creek, Blue mountain, Shawnee, Mountain Creek, Hidden Valley, or Spring mountain


I'm like a 2 hour drive from any of these places. Amtrak aparently is the only train that goes out of NJ, but the closest PA Amtrak station to these resorts is Philly, so that's too far. I could take a Greyhound bus from NJ to a station closest to a ski resort like Mt Pocono PA and take a cab for 5 miles to Camelback, but I'd rather drive 2 hours all tired after skiing than pay $90 for that bus-to-cab combo ($25 each way bus and $20 each way for cab). Aparently PA doesn't have any passenger trains besides Amtrak or in Philly like how NJ has NJTransit that basically just runs from Philly straight to NYC or Along the Jersey coast to NYC.  I called all the places that came up when i typed in 'ski shop' or 'ski' into google earth and asked them if they do any group bus trips or whatever and none do.

Anyone know of a place that has like an old bus or something they drive groups to ski at the places I listed?  I found a bunch of groups that go to vermont and mass etc but none for just the places I listed. Also, what's a good forum I might be better off asking this question at that focuses more on the resorts I listed?


Take cair

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I'd be leaving from New brunsiwck area Middlesex county nj, so it should be on the way to make sence.


in case anyone else is wondering, there's a bus that goes to mountain creek on weekends and holidays from Wayne Transit Center for $4 and starts off somewhere in/around NYC for $12. NJ transit trains go to WAyne Transit Center but you might have to switch trains around hoboken to get to Wayne. The bus gets to mnt creek around opening and leaves at 4:30. after 4:30 is usually when a lot of the crowd leaves and the mountain is less uh crowded though.  mountain creek has the bus info linked under the 'getting here' section of their website.  mountain creek i in case anyone else is wondering, there's a mountain creek fdsgstghetgh  

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You might try paskiandride.com for bus or ski club info. They are a eastern PA based forum.

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yeah i asked on that forum too, thanks


there's also this  from NYC to Thunder ridge ski in Patterson NY:

it's listed on thunderridgeski.com somewhere

 From Grand Central Station NYC, take the metro north train for 100 mins and $25 each way to patterson ny. the ski place has a shuttle they pick you up it's a mile from the patterson station, somedays you can call them anytime and they pick you up and also get discout lift ticket.

NJ transit doesn't go to grand central, just penn station, so gotta take a subway to grand central. it'd be like $80 total for me and way more walking/waiting time so I'd rather just drive the 2 hours each way.

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For a similar distance you might want to look into transportation to Hunter or Windham, and you will get a much better ski experience.  I know there are buses to get to them, but you'll have to look into places where you can catch them.

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In case any1 else was wonderin bout the same thing:

I called all the places on my original post list and they said there are no busses that go there(except mountain creek). The customer service people I talked to were mostly life-time locals and convincing that they didn't just tell me NO cause they weren't positive or didn't want to spend time on the phone.

Next, I called NJtransit bus and the person was kowelagble and convincing and did tell me that mountain creek from portauthority manhattan/wayne transit center was the only bus they had. Also said no NJtransit busses go out of NJ and to check out Trans-Bridge, a charter bus but that only goes to nyc/area from places in PA that are not close to any skiing. 


I also checked all the PA and NJ bus destinations from Manhattan's GWBuss terminal, port authority, and journal square in Jersy City and none are a ski resort. it didn't have mountain creek listed though so there's a slight chance there's other busses. I'm not going  to look any further into this and hope to believe the customer service at the resorts that there are no busses that go there(except mountain creek) 

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Any reason you want to go to these particular mountains?   Those PA and NJ resorts are all pretty crappy IMHO.....there's a reason no buses go there.


Look at this:  http://www.huntermtn.com/huntermtn/resort/getting-here/bus-lines.aspx

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I'm only searching about the places i listed for day trips. I'm not gonna travel 4 hours each way to upstate NY or something for a regular day trip. I agree the places up more north are better, but the ones i listed don't suck for me.   

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Weren't you contemplating going into nyc to catch a bus or train? If so then I don't see how it would take you any more than 30min over the placed you listed. Hunter is only 2.5hrs from nyc.
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you're right. hunter's only 30 mins more each way

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Did you find this?  Its a summary of a bunch of different organizations.




I'm not from that area, so I don't know if any of these start somewhere that would help you.  I suspect some take non-members on a space available basis, or maybe you could join.


edit --

Here's the ski-bums info

Bus to Hunter Mountain, New York

From December to March

Bus Transportation and Lift Ticket
Guests $72.00 (Members $60.00)

Leaves Lincroft 5:30AM - G.S. Pkwy#109

Leaves Clark 6:00AM - G.S. Pkwy#135

Leaves Ridgewood 6:30AM - Rt.17N

Skiers of All Levels Welcome

Join a Great Group of People

the website has phone numbers for reservations  http://www.sitski.com/skibums.html

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