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Has anyone been on any of Ogasaka skis, how are they?

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I have skied several Ogasaka models and all were excellent. I currently use a KCRV-17 that is a fantastic cruiser. It is a friendly GS ski with wood core and pretty conventional construction. They are similar to Stockli or some other high end wood core performance skis. Okasaka is a Japanese company that has been around since 1912. They have traditionally had very high production quality and tend to be on the expensive side. There are a couple of catches: they don't come with integrated bindings if you want that and, the North American distributorship has been ineffective for years. Maybe that's why they are relatively rare in NA and relatively common in Japan, especially among performance-seekers and racers. 

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I ski the Truin SL, which is Ogasaka's world cup slalom ski. I have demoed several others in their other lines as well. They are very nicely made skis. 

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I have skied the Ogasaka KC-RV in 175cm and Triun GS 180cm and found them very impressive. Some old links at Epic including a revewi of the KC-RV: ( I was posting under the name etech at that time)


Some more review/info..



SkiPress had a review of the 2005 GS model at: 2005 SkiPress Test


"Light testers were flat-out flabbergasted by the way Ogasaka’s Triuns ski — they’re fast, flexi- ble and efficient. Men’s Triun and women’s Triun Light are more elastic than most, which brute-force racers said works against them. But lighterweights who race with finesse declared these boards highly responsive. Swore their edges glue you to the snow. The Triun is supple at the tip, stiffer through its rear end. And the Triun Light is stable yet quick, lively and practically weightless."


Finding a pair in North America will be the hard part.

I think the Canadian distributor is still in business:






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The new US distributor is at It is run by Sean Campbell out of Massachusetts. He has gone out of his way to get me whatever Ogasaka gear I have wanted from Japan.

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Oh, nice!

Have any of you used any of the Oggie plates?

(This is where I bashfully admit to mounting my Ogasakas with Atomic plates and bindings).
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Hi Guys:


Sean here from Ogasaka USA. (btw, thanks for the plug, Ben, hope all is well!)


I have used all of the plates from Ogasaka. Currently, there are three different plates avail:


FM600 - plastic injection molded plate, essentially a riser plate

RC600FL - Delrin plate - adds a moderate amount of stiffness to the ski

RC600GR - Delrin with Metal - world cup plate adds a decent amount of stiffness to the ski, but does not overpower it. 


The RC600FL and 600GR plates are very nice/clean plates. They are mounted with a VIST Type jig. 


Depending on the your size/weight and ski model each plate definitely does its job well. In simplest terms, the stiffer the plate, the sooner the ski will come "on" in a turn/the more rebound it will have once you flex/release it in a carved turn. Ogasaka has done a nice job in not having the plates effect the ease of turn initiation.


The plates, for the most part are mounted on the Triun and Technical competition skis. 






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