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Sad News in Windham Skiing Accident

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While I was at Hunter yesterday with kermit88, this unfortunate tragedy happened just up the valley at Windham. Was anyone there this past Sunday? My thoughts go out to the family. Here's the article about it. 






North Bellmore resident Erin Clare Malloy-McArdle was killed Sunday in an off-trail accident at Windham Mountain.

The 18-year-old Mepham High School senior was treated at the scene by two physicians and members of the Windham Mountain Ski Patrol before she was rushed by Greene County Ambulance to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, where she was later pronounced dead.

According to state police, Malloy-McArdle, a novice skier, lost control while skiing and left the trail at a high speed into a wooded area where she struck a tree. She had not been wearing a helmet and sustained extensive head injuries as a result of hitting the tree.

The accident occurred off of the Upper Warpath trail, which is rated “more difficult.” Snow conditions at the time were reported to be packed powder/powder and machine groomed.

“This is a tragic event,” Windham Mountain general manager Tim Woods said. “We grieve along with the young woman’s family.”

The last ski-related fatality at Windham Mountain occurred more than 15 years ago.

Members of the Windham Mountain Ski Patrol are investigating the accident.

-Matthew Hogan


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This season has been absolutely brutal, or at least it seems much worse than preceding years. So many incidents, ironically coinciding with a push to open the sport to more people. A tragic reminder of our mortality. Suppose we can only pay tribute by celebrating life in the mountains. Thoughts go out to the family.

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Here in New Hampshire two people have died at Cannon Mountain so far.

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Thats sad.  I wonder if she was in a novice area?  Maybe she was in an intermediate area.   Those novice areas are usually so wide and so low pitched that often times even if you straight line it, the end being flat or actually slightly up hill slows you down to a stop; dont recall of that is the case at Windham.

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First and foremost my thoughts go out to the family.


I ski at windham quite often and was there this past weekend (although I did not witness the accident or the aftermath). The trail where this happened, Upper Warpath, is one of the tougher blues on the mountain. The top part of the trail is pretty steep (as steep as some of the blacks on the mountain), however after that top part the trail flattens out which is why they rate it a blue. It's also not particularly wide. Rating trails is not an exact science and I don't mean to imply that the guys at Windham improperly marked the trail.


I hope that novice (and experienced) skiers/riders reading this story will think twice about going out on the slopes without a helmet.



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