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Really nice pics!


Thicker skins come with age, so go smoke a doobie, and mellow out.

I bet my Norwegian Snow Cat can outski you any day, and he's cuter too!!   snowfight.gif

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I wanted to get a post in this most important thread before the group hugging starts.



Originally Posted by Pwdrhnd View Post

I am glad to see this thread winding down and turning into somewhat random, more humerous thoughts.  I personally enjoy reading both BWPA and davluri's posts, although both can be snarky at times.  davluri has more to celebrate this birthday than most of us ever will and I wish him an early happy birthday.  Don't worry about that incision too much, it is likely as healed as it will ever be.  Your muscles may be de-conditioned but you will not likely hurt the incision.  While we may not all agree about things all of the time we are all here for one reason, we love skiing!

I'd ride the triple chair with both these guys, at the same time if necessary. I've known Josh for six or seven years, Davluri i can usually read your sense of humor between the lines, epic would be way less fun without either of you.

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awwwwww. redface.gif


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this was more fun earlier...............  i agree with josh, there are many people who post here

that may be complete posers...... i also agree that some of these posters, pontificate as if the sun rises and sets by their ceaseless blow-harded commentary. their alleged expertise is exactly that, alleged.......


 i've read more BS in the bump threads by supposedly great bump skiers.  all i can say is, come ski bumps with me, after reading all of the opposing commentary and dysfunctional instruction that the EXPERTS state. its amazing that i can get down outer limits in one piece.  


now back to the show........




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