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Full Tilt Konflict Review

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Hi All,


Been swamped with little kids, family and work this year and so, unfortunately, have not been able to spend a ton of time on Epic.  Was out out at Park City a week ago and headed back in a few weeks.  I got the chance to use my Full Tilt's for the first time.


This was my first foray into a 3 piece boot and the Intuition liners.  I've generally been a 4 buckle, Lange guy which has worked well for my narrow feet and skinny ankles.  My feet are almost always cold and have had to use heaters in the past to keep my toes from going numb on cold days.  I'm about a level 8 skier...fairly strong...ski POW and off-piste exclusively when it's available and bumps when it's not.  6 foot 3, 185 lbs. 


My general impressions:


A couple things jumped out at me immediately...first...the buttery flex of the boot.  These boots have the 8 flex tounge in them and it was perfect for me. When I needed to really drive the front of the boot, the flex felt even and perfect.  It's hard for me to articulate exactly how it was different from my other boots, but more "even" is the best way I can describe it...it also felt more effortless...yet the boots were plenty stiff.  I also noticed how much warmer my feet were.  It was probably in the mid 20's which, in the past, has been plenty cold enough to get my toes numb.  My feet were comfortable the whole time and that was a refreshing change. 


Some have said that these boots would take some getting used to, but I felt comfortable immediately.  I did not notice any tradeoff in lateral quickness as compared to the more traditional Lange race boot.  I skied a lot of bumps the first couple days and then got a POW day on my last day and there were phenomenal across the board.  I'm a fan and have no plans to go back to my old boots. 


That's all I've got for now.  Let me know if you have any questions.



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Great boot- there was a big push for devotees of this design to move over to the Dalbello Krypton when that came out, but my feeling was if it ain't broke (and it fits...) don't fix it...

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I bought my Full Tilt Konflict boots at the start of the 09-10 season. Love them, love them, love them. 


Back story:  I grew up skiing as a kid/teenager and somehow didn't ski more than once very few years after that.  Started up again at the end of 08-09 season, using my Raichle Rx8's (flexon).  With bits of foam covering disintegrating when I used them, I figured it was time to invest in new boots.  I tried a bunch of boots at a couple of different ski shops, went to the Ski Fever show (Seattle) and still coudln't find a good fit.  I have fairly narrow feel that like to pronate, with bony ankles.  I used to use my street shoe orthotics in my old Raichles. Even trying boots with orthotics, there was always some problems with my ankles hurting, or the heel not holding, or too much room in for the toes.


Finally went to Pro Ski in Seattle.  Can't say enough about Adam and the rest of his staff.  They tend to specialize in backcountry skiing and mountaineering and telemark skiing, but have a decent selection of regular alpine equipement as well, and seem to be good bootfitters, too.  It's pretty small shop, I am grateful I lived neaby them at the time.  


OK, back to the boots. Tried a few boots, then one of the staff came out and said "If you're trying on more than 3 boots that's too many."  He recommended the Full Tilt, since I had liked my Raichle's.  The Full Tilts hadn't been comfortable when first trying them on.  They noted that the Intuition liners would conform to my feet, but the shell probably needed to be punched out at the ankles.  Sure enough, after punching out the ankles and the liners were heated, along with Sole footbeds, they fit like a glove.  I realize that a custom footbed would probably be even better, but I've been happy with the Sole footbeds. 


What I like:

Light, responsive, in all conditions. 

Easy to get in and out. 

Can change the tongue for different flex.  With the stiffer tongue I don't have to crank the boots tight and can still have quick response on bumps and hold edges on quick turn, as well as carve without getting squirrely.

They come with Intuition liners, so no need to buy new liners. 

Liners are warm.  (I previously always had cold feet.  I have not had cold feet once with the Full Tilts.) 

The boots are so confortable, I can wear them all day.   I have absolutely no desire to get another pair of boots.  Ever.  If anything, I'll get new liners for the my old Raichles (even if they are rear-entry).


What I don't like:    (blank space)


I highly recommend these boots, or any Full Tilt model.

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all very helpful, i plan to pick up a pair of Seth's in a few weeks for this season, and I hope this is the last boot for me...i have a pair of zip fits i plan to switch out w/ the intuition liners to change it up on long trips...

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