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K2 Apache Cross Fire 177cm or 184cm for 6'-5" 215 lbs Skier?

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I apologize for yet another 'Which Ski Size' post but I have searched high and low on both the internet and in this forum and cannot find a definitive answer so any help is really appreciated:


I am 6'-5" and weigh between 210 and 215 lbs. I grew up skiing on straight skis but then took a 10 year hiatus from the sport, I am just getting back into it the past two years. I purchased boots last year and am looking at purchasing skis this year before I take a trip to Winterpark near Denver at the end of February. Based on my past experience and the speed with which skiing is all coming back to me I would consider myself a low end expert or advanced skier. I stick to the groomed slopes and like to take black diamonds fast, I never really skied much in powder though I will muck around in it if it is around.


I am looking at purchasing last years K2 Apache Crossfire skis because I am finding some really good deals on them online and I am on a limited budget. Also my brother has these skis and really likes them and we are the same weight, height, skiing style etc (people think we are twins when we are out and about together).


My question is whether I should order the Crossfires in the 177cm or 184cm length? My brother was sized for and skis the 08/09 crossfires, which suprises me because all the size charts indicate he should be skiing the 184cm, especially because he is definitely an advanced skier (more so than me).


I would be really grateful for any insight that anyone can give me regarding whether I should follow my brothers lead and get last years crossfires in the 177cm or if I would be best getting the 184cm crossfires. I also understand that K2 skis are mellower and damper than say Volkl's skis which is fine with me, but does this mean a longer ski in the K2 crossfire is going to be more manageable than the same ski in the Volkl AC30 or AC50?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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If you stick to the groomers and like to go fast, why *wouldn't* you want the 184's (or longer)?  It certainly sounds like you have the height, weight and skill for them.  A longer ski will be faster and more stable at speed.  Especially at 6'5" and 215, I would think 177 is a tad short for you, unless you are more of a blue square cruiser than a black diamond shredder, or ski bumps all day, but it doesn't sound like it. 




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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your help. I had pretty much reached the conclusion that I would be best suited to the 184's and then my brother told me that his were 177's and that was what he was sized for- That has thrown me off because he pretty much skis the same type of terrain as me, but is more experienced/ less rusty/ more advanced than me.


I just want to make sure I am not missing something with this particular make/ model or style of ski that would mean the 184's would be too long for me...   

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184cm. I am 8% shorter and lighter than you, and I ski the AC30 in 177.
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Thanks all for the input. Sounds like a unanimous vote for the 184's so that is what I will order. I appreciate all the advice.

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Well I did not purchase the ski's yet because... I went in to my local ski shop and spoke to a really knowledgable person who recomended that I get the 177cm skis because they would be more fun to ski and more agile and that the extra length was not neccessary for the type of skiing I will be doing i.e. short groomed slopes (I live in the Midwest so Perfect North and Boyne Mountain make up the majority of my seasonal skking).


So now I am really torn... all the sizing guides I have read online tell me I am firmly in the 184cm category. But I do not want to purchase a ski that is too long and more work than neccessary and/or less agile. 


Does anyone agree with the person in my local ski shop or is the consensus still that I should go with the 184cm Crossfires. Any help is appreciated, this is turning into a really difficult decision. I am not very financially flush and this is a BIG purchase for me even though I can olnly afford last years models etc.


Thanks again. 

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From my experience, if the skis are too short, there is nothing you can do about it. As you gain skill and confidence, the skis are now not able to support you at higher speeds.


Longer skis on the other hand may be a bit more cumbersome at first. But that extra ski is there for you as you get better. You are heavier than I am and I honestly would prefer the 184.


But again, its a preference thing. I love laying into a turn at high speed. I hate it when my tips get squirrely because they arent long enough. But if you are really just going to be going at a medium pace and not really pushing yourself too hard then maybe go for the 177.


Again again.... it depends on the ski. I ski a 174cm Atomic SX:B5 and havent been able to find its speed limit. Mind you its a really stiff racing style ski.


Hope this helps.

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I purchased the 184's in the end. Thanks for all the advice!

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Good! Now get out there and start making some turns!
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