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Two Skis - Two Balance Points

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I've recently had a lot of stuff click into place about how to carve cleanly and ski moguls.  Now I've noticed something related to my gear.


I was out over new years on my old Volants ('05 Genesis Gold, 175cm, 66mm waist, 16m radius).  Carving beautifully and doing better in the bumps then ever before.


Skip ahead to last weekend.  Same mountain, same everything except that now I'm on my Heads (Monster 82, 183cm, 82mm waist, 20m radius).  First two runs are kind of awkward because of the difference in center of mass.


On the Volants I felt most stable with my weight a bit forward.  Pressing lightly on the boot cuff.  On the Heads, I couldn't really do that.  I had to stay more centered.  Even weight on the foot no pressure on the boot, fore or aft.  I felt the biggest difference when skiing moguls because with my weight more forward on the Volants, it was much easier the push the tips down the backside of a bump to maintain contact with the snow.  The more centered position on the Heads made this more difficult and and made it much easier to be knocked into the back seat.


I'm wondering what would cause this change in balance between the two.  Is it just a difference in the skis and that how it is?  I was thinking it might have something to do with where the binding was mounted. (Both are presumably mounted where the manufacturer recommends since I didn't ask for anything else.)

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I had a Head monster 82 in a 172 and a Watea 84 in a 176 and they skied differently especially in bumps, the Heads have metal in them the Wateas did not, that metal stiffened up the ski where it really pushed back on me, whereas with the Wateas I could feel them give more in the bumps. Maybe that is what you are feeling and it is in the construction of the skis. But with the Heads having metal in them and being stiffer they handled firmer snow much better. There is some trade off with performance between different types of skis.

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Traditional recommended binding positions have been all over the map.  Some forward, some back. Look at a line-up of same-size skis sometime and see that bindings are not all at the same place.  Look at www.realskiers.com for a longer discussion of this topic and some of the ramifications.  Lately (last 5 years), some binding systems (I'm thinking of Railflex among them) allow for movement of binding so you can dial in better location for you.  If you want to get really technical, you can do a procedure where you find exact balance point for your skis for you (Campbell balancer, I think it's called).  This may be relevant to your question/issue.

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I think the Head is stiffer in front of the binding so the ski won't bend like the Volant. Volants are great, smooth, stable... Try the K2, I was surprised, great all around ski, Amp Charger.

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Thanks for the replies.


Both skis have metal, but the Head is definitely a much stiffer ski. I can get more forward at high speed, so that's probably part of it.

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