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Do Rocker skis ski shorter?

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I just purchased a pair of K-2 AMP Rictors from a shop in London for $683 delivered! Yes, you read that right. I just received them today, and they are beautiful! I never demoed these skis, but for the price how could I say "no"? I have skied K-2 for years and am confident I will like them. If not, I can sell them...no biggy!


Here's my question: I am 5'6" and I weigh 154 and I am an advance/expert skier. I heard that the rocker skis ski shorter than normal camber, and that I should get them 5 to 10cm longer than normal, so I ordered my rictors in 167. The Rictor is a beefy ski, but not too stiff, so I was looking for opinions on whether these may be too long for me at 167cm....but I am taking them out west and 160cm seems so short!  I have the Kung fujas in 169 and love them, but, they are not the rocker model and they are also twin tips... 

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No way are they too short. I am 5 foot 9, and was feeling the 174cm was too short on this ski: it is fairly soft as well as having a very soft tip.  You did the right thing by getting the 167cm instead of the 160cm. 

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Agree with dawgcatching - you'll be okay with the 167's.


I'm a 5'7" 155 pound advanced skier, ski the AfterShock in 167, and think it's perfect for me.

Pretty the much same size as you, so think you'll have a good time on the Rictors.


Enjoy,    rickp

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I am actually curious about this myself. Skiing a rockered ski for the first time this season. I heard that the tips engage the snow when you flex the ski so you arent really skiing shorter.


In soft snow you are definitely not skiing shorter. But I guess the question is really about hard flat surface snow. Can anyone attest to the tips engaging upon flex?

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The tips do reengage on firm snow when edged over, a ski can be flexed between moguls and the tip may not reenage in that instance.

A lot depends on the tune of the ski as well as the skiers stance as to if they will ski shorter or even longer.

If the skier has their stance correct with weight forward and are not in the back seat too much they will ski the same or even longer than other skis depending on the tune, if you weight is too far back they will let you know for sure and will ski shorter.

Early rise skis can be tuned sharper at te tip than other non early rise skis as the tip is unlikely to catch when flat on firm snow, so if sharper than other skis at the tip they can in fact ski slightly longer than other skis which are normally dulled off at the tip, I have just spent a season on a set of Rictors and played around with the tuning, I also had a few sets in demo which I soon found out people with their stance way out were not all that keen on the Early rise skis.

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I think I need a degree in physics! I remember the day when you skied the longest, flatest boards you could handle and only the strong survived! It was so simple then...lol! I actually love the technology of it all, which is why I buy new skis every year! 


However, you mentioned the "tune". What exactly would be a good tune for the rictors? I have very good balance and my stance is pretty solid and forward. I raced when I was younger so that kind of stayed with me. I had a pair of the crossfires and changed the bevel on them so they would hold an edge better and bite more, but I had an awesome techy...How would you recommend the Rictors to be tuned?

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Just checked my AfterShocks and they're pretty sharp along their entire edge - from where the shovel begins to the tail. Also checked my wife's 2010/11 Lotta Luvs and they're the same.

We haven't had problems with them hooking, so I'd leave your Rictors as they come from the factory - specifically, I'd not detune the tips and tails unless you have issues once you ski them.

Cheers,     rickp

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I purchased a pair of K2 Coombacks last season that have a shovel rocker.  I did not go shorter on the length.  Coming from a relatively stiffer Volkl Mantra, I had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the K2s. By day five, I told my ski partners, "If these skis don't work for me today, they are going back to the shop!"  A friend, laughed, and said, "That happens to everyone with new skis, they hate them initially and then suddenly you figure it out."  He was right, something clicked that day and the Coombacks are my favorite skis.  


Some observations on rocker ski techniques that have worked for me a) They require a more centered stance and you don't need to shove your shins into your boots like a traditional ski b) They like a more oval-shaped turn, not a round shape. c) Use a wider stand on groomed runs. They certainly have helped lift me above the Cascade concrete on pow days.  

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Hey, Lex...it's funny you said all of this, because I am ready to post my rictors on Ebay!!! LOL! I skied them one day and they felt chattery and unstable, but I'm skiing them like my 6 year old Crossfires. Thanks for the info...I'm from the East, ski the West, and I'm now living in MI....KILL ME! And I am going to Stowe for three days and I don't want to kill myself on the hardpack and ice with these. I put a 1/3 bevel on my Crossfires and I could stop an a dime...I feel like I can't do that on these. I was going to bail for a pair of Kendo's??? Anyway, I'll give them some time! I can't believe I read this post now...LOL! Thanks....

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