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2010/2011 Icelantic Pilgrim

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Product: 2010/2011 Icelantic Pilgrim


Length/size Tested: 179


Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review: Perfect North Slopes, IN 

*Runs Taken: A bunch over 3 days

*Snow Conditions: Mostly hard pack with some softer snow pushed off to the side of the runs

*Demo or Purchase: Purchase


Summery (inc. Strengths & Weaknesses): I picked the Pilgrim up to compliment my recently acquired Keepers.  I wanted them for an every day ski at the local hill.  The first time out I wasn't thrilled.  The tune was off and the edges were very "grabby".  They skied OK in short turns with some effort but they did not want to initiate or release a longer turn.  The following morning I detuned the tip and tails quite a bit and it was a night and day difference.  They worked well on the groomed man-made snow.  It was a short day for me so I didn't get a chance to try them on the softer snow that came with the warmer temps in the afternoon.  This morning I ventured out for my third day on the snow with them.  The softened snow from the previous afternoon was now frozen corduroy.  In long radius turns they carve as well as anything I have owned in the last few years.  The lone weakness I have found is that in shorter radius turns on hard snow they just don't have much in the way of edge grip.  I plan to re-tune them to see if this helps.  Overall I am pretty happy and they should prove to be a good choice for most days on the hill.






Tester Info:

Age: 32

Height/Weight: 5'10" 240

Average days on snow: 30+

Years Skiing: 15+  


Aggressiveness: Aggressive 

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I recently spent a day at Snowbasin and then a couple more days at home with the Pilgrim.  Snowbasin offered up a variety of conditions to try.  On soft groomed runs the ski carves nicely and is reasonably stable at speed.  I got to try it out in a few inches of newer snow.  The softer flex seemed to allow the ski perform pretty well in the untracked snow despite the traditional camber.  However, when I encountered some seriously frozen hard pack under the Strawberry Express Gondola the Pilgrim came up short.  I do think this could be improved with a more aggressive tune I just haven't taken the time to mess with it yet.   Back at home the snow turned more towards spring conditions as the sun and temps approaching 40 worked their magic on the man made stuff.  They really felt at home in that snow.  They carved big turns and small with ease and were nothing but fun to ski.  As the day went on some small moguls formed and depsite the 90mm waist the Pilgrims were a blast to ski in the bumps.

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Another update....I found out why they skis had ZERO edge grip on hard snow.  When I got all the tuning tools I ordered from Slide Wright I pulled out the true bar to check the base and to my surprise the whole ski was concave.  As it turns outs my Keepers are much the same.  The Pilgrims have been stone ground and now have a 1 degree base bevel and 3 degree side bevel.  The edge grip or lack there of no longer seems to be an issue and the ski is still buttery smooth in soft snow.  Now I think its time to drop my Keepers off for a tune up as well.

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