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I'm looking for an all-mountain ski primarily for Western skiing (Utah/Tahoe). My experience is advanced/intermediate - however limited to Eastern US, and European resorts, primarily to hardpack, and I can carve anything on the frontside, but little experience in powder more than a couple of inches deep(!).

My last skis were Volkl Allstars (175 I think) - and to be honest I struggled to keep them under control - early in the day on hard stuff I was killing it, but by the afternoon as snow got slushier they were killing me - just demanded more strength/power/speed than I could provide. (Granted, they were a bit long - but they were the last pair and a great deal).

So, I've been reading reviews on loads of forums, but I would like some guidance tailored to someone who is 35yo, 5'6'' and 140-145lb, and looking to move off-piste more. Skis in the 85-95mm range sound about right, but most of the skis getting the best reviews seem to favour bigger guys and "need to be pushed hard" to get the best out of them.

Anyone got any ideas for example Kendo vs Prophet 90 vs Armada ARV vs Shogun or anything else for that matter....