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Fischer 193cm GS Q

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I have been offered a pair of Fischer 193cm GS "code skis". Cannot find much on the web on Fischers. They are supposed to be world cup skis. Serious racing skis anyway. Any input much appreciated.

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I would be all over those, just for the fun of skiing them.  I don't know if they would suit your course sets though, if that's what you're after.  Still worth having in the stable.

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Ghost, my current GS skis are the Blizzard Magnesium 182cm long r=24m and they are just fine for our master courses but I would need a longer pair for master SG. The price tag is quite hefty. I can get Kneissel and Nordica for one third of the price.

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I guess it depends on what Master's SG is like, but I'm thinking I would rather have SG skis for SG than GS skis, even if they  are 193 WC FIS models.  The skis in question are perfect for a WC GS course at WC GS speeds.  If a Master's SG has wider turns at higher speeds then the turn radius will be too short to really rail the turns.  I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to have the WC GS skis for playing around, but they might not be the ideal ski for lowering your times.

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I have never been skiing SG before but this year there are 3 events that I can attend. The feedback I have from the rest of the pack is that the SG courses at these events are not more open or faster than WC GS races. There is actually a rule that says you cannot participate in SG with SL skis. That should be a pointer. I was initially planning on using my 182 GS skis but since some GS courses are set quite open maybe it would be a better combination to get true GS skis for when a GS course is properly set and then compromize on the SG that is new to me anyway.

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FIS suggestions for masters SG courses are that course setters should be aware that most copmpetitors will be using GS ski's.

I use 191 race stock 27m GS skis and find them fine.

I was initially worried by their stiffness but have not had problems.

SG is my favourate discipline, Hope you enjoy it as much.   

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uboom, thanks for the info. I just e-mailed with the seller. They are brand new and tuned. Include Fischers race binding, whatever that is. Price is ok but I was not planning on cashing out for yet annother pair of skis this year. On the other hand, if I buy lets say 3y old Nordicas for one third of the price w/o bindings I will only be saving lets say more than 50% or less. So in a way the new 2011 Fischers sound like a much better buy. They will go much further.

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