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New member here...


Was at my local resort for my 1st time skiing this year (got a late start) and my old 185cm X-Screams were the longest, skinniest skis in the lift line!!!  Interested in updating, but looking for some experienced recommendations. I refuse to give up me 10 year-old Dalbello boots however, as after they warm-up (2nd run) I can lock 'em down for the rest of the day in perfect comfort.  Anyway:



 - 5' 8", 165#, 54 years old, fit & in pretty-darned-good overall condition.


 - A solid intermediate, and I'm comfortable with that.  Blues and groomed blacks, no bumps and jumps anymore (knee issue).  Still like some speed now and then on the steep groomers. 


 - Would like to improve my powder skills - never been very proficient in anything over 6" deep (thanks to my early years skiing "blue ice" in Arizona).


 - Chewed-up/crud snow absolutely gives me fits, beats me up and will drive me off the mountain.


 - Only snow-ski a dozen or so times a year.  Then I'm getting in the water-ski mood.


 - Home ski area - Snowbasin, UT.



Not concerned about $$$ as much as finding some fun skis. 

Need to know what to "test drive"...