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First rocker skis

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I want some skis with a width around 115 mm that do medium to large turns. I would like fully rockered tips and tails but be versatile to not use exclusively for powder days.

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Originally Posted by Castle Mountain View Post

I want some skis with a width around 115 mm that do medium to large turns. I would like fully rockered tips and tails but be versatile to not use exclusively for powder days.

why such 'exact" specs?


Line P115?

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Dynastar Huge Rocker. Great big every-day ride; fairly stiff and stable, good do-it-all solid ride for mixed conditions.

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If your a higher level skier like the guy I was skiing with today a 82mm waisted Rosignal Avenger Carbon will ski 2-3ft of any snow condition out there from blower to super heavy crud on the steepest ski-able terrain you dare to ski. Also Deep powder in tight trees. I was on 115mm skies today skiing with this insanely great skier who totally schooled me in those conditions!! He skied it like it was fresh light powder when it was +3deg {mid 30f} and heavy wet DEEP snow!! He is a level 4 ski instructor. In Canada that's about near the top of the food chain. He showed me that the skier makes a big difference not the width of the ski. He is 6ft 190lbs 39 years old. BTW the JJ,s of my sons i was on today are totally not the ski for me. Yet my son skis them like the guy I was skiing with today? Go figure.


    I found them very heavy to ski in the steeps were you have to turn all the time. its much easier to maneuver a narrower ski in tight, steep, deep, heavy snow. Everyday ski 82-99mm and no need to go wider unless you don't plan on impoving in the skills.biggrin.gif  Totaly not being a smart arse just that I am in search of a fat ski also. Now after seeing this guy ski Im not so sure thats the answer? I might just need a little softer flex ski with good side cut and better form with softer boots than 140!!


      After skiing for over 40 years Im still leaning new things. Some of them you just forget untill you ski with a pro at the highest level that make everything seem so easy its rediculas!! With all the new skis on the market I think one when searching for an all round ski start mid fat then go up from there. Because some people can ski 3ft of powder better with a 82mm ski than a really good skier can a 120mm ski with the same body weight. Its skiers ability matched to the ski i truly believe. Sure width plays a factor. But not everyday is a heli ski day and not every skier will ever find the right ski for them unless they are honest about there ability and understand what Flex means for there ability coupled with what boot and binding works as a whole package.


    A good skier can ski just as good if not better then a really good skier if the good skiers equiptment is a better match for his style and ability than the realy good skiers.

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totally correct, so now all you need to do is quit your job and ski 100 plus days a season and in about 10 years, you will reach his skill level........  In the mean time, you could buy a pair of skis that make those conditions easier to ski in, less work and have a lot of fun......   sometimes I wish I could just grab a big mallet and pummel myself into oblivion....  In the mean time, can you call  Pettitt, Abma, Hoji and some of the other BC skiers and let them know they suck.....

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biggrin.gif I will. Abma has gotten better over the last couple of years Ill give him that. Yes i understand what you say Finn. The delema is still finding what works for you though. Thats accually getting harder I find. When ski manufactures describe there skis they make them sound like the best one out there for anyone. They dont factor true style and ability referances into there discription of what the ski can do for a paticular segment. Some do I think but most dont. Elan has a good ski finder on there site. Thats the best and whould say the closest Ive found so far.


    I was feeling on top of the world with my skiing untill yesterday skiing with the pro.frown.gif Sure opened my eyes again. I have 20+ days in so far and Ill be working hard at form every time up for at least half a day every day for a while. I must learn that powder technique he was using. Im going to let him try my skis on that same area in deep snow and see what he thinks. In the mean time i guess its demo demo demo. The best way might be to bring 3 or 4 pairs up at a time and a note pad? That way the conditions are the same for each ski. He really loves that ski he was on so must give it a try. i noticed lots of guys at that same level ski a very similar ski. AND they all ski the same. Really effortless and nice to watch when they free ski in the trees and steeps.


     Hoji and the boys are fantastic and worlds apart from most regular weekend warriors. Even the High level instructors. There style with the boards they creat for them selves sets them apart along with the nads!!! Age also has a factor. Custom boards like Fulsom ect are starting to appeal to me more and more. The trick is to know what you need and want for were you ski. 

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