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Hi folks,


I got myself a smokin' deal on an Arc'teryx Theta AR jacket (2009), and found myself in a bit of a predicament.


See, I have never owned a hardshell before and am looking at different mid-layers. My base layer is Polartec Powerdry, ( and the matching bottoms)and I also own the Patagonia down sweater so I have that to draw on as well.


I came across a package deal of the 2009 Patagonia R1 and R3 full zip that is a great deal, but I noticed that for 2010 the R3 has gone to high loft Polartec Thermal Pro where 2009's used Windpro. Does the Windpro make last year's R3 less suitable as a mid? I ski mainly in the Banff and Jasper, AB area and would rarely ski in less than -25C. I want to have a range of temps covered by my mid-layers and had originally planned to just pick up an R2, use my down sweater, and also a MEC borderline hoodie that I have ( )


This deal for the R1 and R3 has me second guessing my plan. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)