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Back for more advice...but armed (Bonus: untrained reviews)

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     Yesterday I went skiing at Blue Mtn in PA and was lucky enough to find Buckman's ski demo day.  So I tried a variety of skis taking each one for 2 runs (with the exception of one ski) and would like to know if I'm crazy OR if anyone can offer suggestions as to similar skis I might demo before buying.


Me:  6'4"' 240 w/ gear; athletic.  Ski any groomers (grew up racing in Wisconsin); decent on smaller bumps deginerating as they grow large; OK in off piste, but not too much experience and don't expect to encounter much (being here in Delaware).  Never reviewed a ski before, so sorry I can't be more specific with description. Current skis: 6yr old Salomon 1080s (181).


Area:  Blue Mtn PA.  Skiing very nicely right now: loose granular/PP.  For those of your that have been there:  I mostly did one run on Challenge and one run on Razor's Edge.  A bit hard early, but softerned up nicely later on.  A bit of ice in patches, but nothing that would be considered boilerplate.  As the day wore on, the upper part of the run got windblown and scraped off.


First up: Elan Waveflex 78ti (176) - b/c I ski at Blue Mtn, why wouldn't I try these guys?  I liked this ski a lot.  Nothing to get too excited about, but it was stable and carved nicely.  Going as speedy as I felt comfortable on a busy day they were planted on the snow.  I think this would be a good ski for where I live.



Enduro (177)- I know it's gotten great reviews, but I found it, well, utilitarian.  They did everything well, but I just wasn't very excited skiing them.  I guess like driving a Civic or something.  They were suitable for everywhere, just well...I didn't like it as much as other folks.


Lord (177) - skied similar to 1080s, so why wouldn't I just keep my 1080s?  Found the tip floppy (just like the 1080) when at high speed. 



AC50 (170) - these were too short (but it's what they had), but I liked them a lot.  Maybe b/c I'm big or b/c they were short, I had no problems with them being burly.  They carved DEEP trenches...even in the scraped off areas.  Less crowded when I tried these and there did not seem to be a speed limit; glued to the snow.  I didn't try these in the bumps b/c of reviews and my lack of skill, but on front-side groomers they were great.  I will seriously consider these.


AC30 (177) - more my length.  I tried these immediately after the AC50.  Maybe it's my lack of discern, but I thought they skied pretty similar to the AC50.  I would like to try the 50s in  a 177 for a fair comparison.  I think the Elan would have left more of an impression if I hadn't tried the ACs.  Again, carved huge rails, no speed limit, stuck to snow.


Nordica - Helldiver (178) - Another ski that seems to get great reviews, but I we just couldn't get along.  It was almost like I couldn't get it to bend to carve.  I would say it was maybe too advanced for me, but I had no problems with the AC, so I'm not sure what it was (unless it is just too advanced).



P-90 - skied similar to P-100, so why wouldn't I just buy the 100 and have the extra width for the rare special weather?



P-100 (177) - I've read lots of reviews on this ski (and thought it was a lot of fan-boyism); I've also never skied a wide ski before (the 1080 is the widest ski I've ever been on).  So I thought I'd try these (They also had a pair of Atomic Access, but the bindings wouldn't go big enough).  The P-100s were mounted with Griffons if it matters.


I loved this ski.  I took it on groomers and it carved really nicely; I took it in the bums and had the best runs of the day; I took it into some "gladey" areas and was confident; took it off the side into some crusty stuff and was confident and stable.  High speeds didn't seem to rattle it either.  This was the one ski I stole an extra run on despite my promise to bring it back after 2 runs.  Did everything the P-90 did, but better and more fun.


This ski was the most fun I had on a ski.  I can't really describe it better than it was a super FUN ski to ski.  Maybe they just stumbled upon a magic mixture of materials and construction or maybe I got a lucky pair, but these were, by FAR, my favorite ski of the day.


So, 1) do these reviews make any sense;

2) Is it odd that my favorite ski of the day was a 100 waisted ski;

3) Can you suggest other skis that might be similar to the P-100;

4) Did I luck into a good conditions; should I go with the AC50/30 (I did really like them both) b/c I'll run into conditions more favorable to those skis more often?


Thats alot of writing...hope the reviews are helpful and any responses are appreciated (I say that now).  And thanks to Buckman's for getting all those skis out there!







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I was at Blue during the demo day and it was great to ski in the sun. Your review is fine by me as you identified your skills and clearly stated that you were looking for a ski that you liked.

The only ski we did in common was the Elan. I think you actually skied the Magfire 78 ti and not the Waveflex 14. I asked the rep for the Waveflex14 and he stated it was not available as it’s sold out for the year. I’m a fan on Elan skis and concur that it’s a solid eastern front side carver, but, was not special. I skied it in 170 because I wanted to test a 78 waist as more of a carver. The Waveflex gets better reviews.

It’s difficult to evaluate your observations as you weigh 240 lbs. Skis that others find stiff, you may like. A buddy that I skied with that day owns the Volkl AC50, weighs about 200 and loves them. He skies straighter lines and at higher speeds than me and generally does not like skis softer carvers like Elan. Many reviews describe the AC50 as too stiff, , if it works for you, that’s all that counts.

Just a personal opinion about a 100 waist ski in the east and Blue in particular, but, I’d want to ski it on a more typical day. Blue was about as good as it gets and the Challenge bumps were far better than typical. Then again, if the Line 100 floats your boat, I say go for it, I see wider skis there all the time, who am I to judge?

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Yep.  It was the Magfire 78; my mistake.  I too asked for the waveflex and was also told they didn't have any.



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