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New Ski help...

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Hey all,


Looking at purchasing some new boards and having a very difficult time deciding what to even consider.

I'm 5'10" 210lbs athletic build, I've been skiing since I could walk and racing since I was about 8, eventually up to the provincial team level.  I've been on FIS skis ever since and currently ride the Rossignol WC GS FIS ski. I ski 90% in the east with very little powder... mostly groomers with a few days of light crud.


The only racing I do now is in a local night league and I'm looking for a ski that I can have a little more fun on but occasionally can still handle  a moderate GS course.  Does this ski even exist?  Or should I just keep my FIS skis and buy a second pair to rip up the mountain on. If so what skis should I be considering.  I've looked through all the latest "Gear Guide" ski mags and it's too bad they don't ever review race skis (FIS or non-FIS).


I'm worried about getting into a ski that I won't be able to really carve hard on... I guess my perfect ski would be one that would be nimble enough to easily rip some shorter turns but still be stable enough to carve higher speed gs turns as well.


Do you think I should be looking at a ski like the Atomic D2 GS Race ski (non FIS) or something like the Volkl AC50?


Where I live there are very little demo opportunities so  a couple suggestions on where to begin would be great.


Thanks in advance for all your advice,



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I would put my money on the D2 race GS.

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what are you looking to upgrade from the WC Rossignol GS. I think that's a great "race" and carving ski for taking everywhere out on the mountain.

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

what are you looking to upgrade from the WC Rossignol GS. I think that's a great "race" and carving ski for taking everywhere out on the mountain.

Yeah I really like WC's and do enjoy them, especially flat out and on edge... I'll probably keep them as well, but I've just been thinking a ski with a little shorter radius with a little wider tip and tail would be even more fun as an everyday ski.  Maybe I'm totally wrong and would be disappointed with anything besides a FIS ski since I've never skied on anything else.


I guess I'm just looking to try something new (a little worried I'm missing out on something great) and I'm curious because of all the literature on a ski like the AC50's (or similar).


Thanks for the input so far...


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First skis I thought of when reading your post was the Fischer Progressor 10+.  Also could consider the Head i Magnum, Kastle MX78 or RX.


Some reviews of a number of these skis can be found here:



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I second the Fischer Progressors, at least the 9+ as I haven't skied the 10+.  I like the Magnum as well but have been told by USSA racers that they find them a little too soft. 

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I don't think you would be satisfied with the edge rip of the SS Magnum, nor the ability of the progresors to finish the turn.  Forgetabout the non-FIS Rossi RX Oversize as well.

Atomic D2 race, Head i. speed or old SS speed, Kästle RX, and Fischer WC RC (or if you want to try some short turns SC) would be good though.

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The Stockli Laser SX look promising.  I'll be on them soon.


Ghost, which Progressors are you referring to?  The 9+ seem to hold a turn just fine and have excellent edge grip.  Kannuck seems to want a little more of an every day ski in addition to race skis.

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Just got on the Laser SX for the first time.  It definitely has better grip and stability through the entire turn than the Progressor.

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Thanks for the info guys, I found a local ski shop that will let me demo skis on a "by-day" basis (for a few $$$)... he says that whatever I spend on demo's he'll take off of the pair that I end up purchasing.  

So I'm planning on trying out the progressor's and the D2 Race GS next weekend.  At least then I won't be committed to buying a non-FIS ski if it turns out that I don't like them... We'll see.



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