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Salomon Impact 10 vs xwave or 1080 boots

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As my replacement quest for Tecnica Explosion 8's continues I recently tried on a pair of Salomon Falcon 10's and Impact 10's.


Impact (100 last I believe) was perfect out of box fit....Falcon (98 last?) would require significant work....


Problem with the Impact 10's is my size (26.5) is pretty scarce and $775 (or even $500) is not in the budget at the moment......


My question is are the xwave and 1080 (foil etc models) the same last/fit as the Impact or more like the Falcon. Several pairs of each are on the big auction site right now in my current price range in near mint condition ($150 or less)

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Can't speak for the 1080's or Impacts, owned XWave 10's and 9's, currently own Falcon 10's, wife currently owns XWave 8's (she holds on to equipment in an uncapitalistic way). We both have wide forefeet, narrow heels. Xwaves were 100 mm, pretty sure. Different shape last than the Falcon; bit higher volume everywhere, especially forefoot, so felt like more difference than 2 mm. FWIW, I recently tried a pair of Lange Super Blasters, 120 flex, 102 last, and was shocked that they fit me better out of the box than any Sollies. (Used to run Langes, but too narrow back then, too much work required.) So you might think about them if you liked the Impact. Think the Blaster Pro is a 100 flex, same last. Both have a semi-walk feature that seemed cool in the store, no sense if it would work on the snow. Langes tend to show up on SAC, and now defunct Tram, cheap within a month or two if you can last


(I ended up going with Krypton Crosses cuz I wanted a cabrio design, but frankly they're gonna take far more work than the Langes or Impacts would have...)

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Hey thanks for the detailed response Beyond! I am aware that my queries sound a bit stupid and like those coming from a newbie, but I have not looked at or ski'd anything but Tecnica since my first pair of TNT's with the lime green buckles in 1989.


Xwave 10 would have the added bonus of keeping the 30 years of orange going! Assume those are a 120 flex?


I was shocked at how good the Impact 10's fit right out of the box, almost as if they had been molded exactly the same as the Explosion 8's. 


Any more info regarding recent Solly boot history and other models built with same last as Impact 10's would be appreciated.

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I can't speak for the Impact 10's specifically, but I have the Impact 8's. They've been a great boot. Extremely durable...this is my 3rd season with them, and they still look and feel like new. I'm not gentle on them either, so they must use some really high quality plastics. I'm thinking about bumping up to the 10's next season for some extra stiffness. Like you, the Impacts were a beautiful fit right out of the box, hence why I picked them. Good luck with your selection!

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