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Where to go? Utah (1 Day), Colorado (3 Days)

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I may be driving from north Cali --> Breckenridge, CO. I live in Cali and usually ski Squaw.


I'm hoping of getting (1) day of skiing in Utah and (3) days in Colorado.


I know I can read some Top 10 lists and get a good idea of whats out there (and I'm doing that), but I wanna get your opinions. 


1) If I only get to ski at one resort in Utah for one day, which resort would you pick and why?


2) If you had three ski days in Colorado which resort(s) would you ski, why?  I imagine most are within driving distance of Breck. The state looks alot smaller than Cali. If one or two resorts are really superior I dont mind skiing them multiple days. 

For example, if someone was visiting the Tahoe area, I would recommend 2 days in Squaw, and 1 day in Kirkwood (that should give you an idea of my preferences). 


3) Are my skis going to work? Salomon XW Fury. Reading reviews from Utah based skiers, I think they will. I know the snow is alot dryer over there, so I hope they do. Dont wanna buy ski's at this time in the season. Maybe I'll rent if I need to. How is the snow condition right now?                      



Anyways, I just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks. 

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Snowbird in Utah.  More Steeps.  More Snow.  More Season.  That's their tagline, and it's true.


Well, if you weren't staying in Breckenridge, I'd suggest Aspen, but it's a 2.5 hour drive there.  So, Breck, A-Basin (if it isn't storming), and Copper.  Although you might consider exchanging Beaver Creek for A-Basin.


Here's why.  Breck has a great variety of terrain.  A fair amount of steeps, although they are probably not the steeps of Squaw or Kirkwood.  It also has a fair amount of good tree skiing.  It's got a lot of terrain.  Copper is a skier's mountain.  A little less in the extreme terrain category than Breck, but the advantage is lower skier visits and naturally divided terrain.  That leads to the ability to ski onto virtually any lift in the expert terrain with the exception of the Poma, and that's usually no more than a 5 minute wait.  A-Basin is a smaller resort with fair amount of steeper terrain.  You can hike the North Pole, or ski the Pali and East Wall.  On the other hand, Beaver Creek has a lot of relatively steep 1800 vert bump runs.  And some good glade skiing, and a bit of extreme skiing as well.  And it's like Deer Valley.


My 2 cents.



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Well i'm used to driving 2 1/2 hrs to squaw with chain control. ( 1hr 45 min without chain control). Not a big deal. 


There's just so many ski resorts in Utah and Colorado its hard to choose.


I guess I cant really go wrong. But I wanna see the best of each state. 


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The best? That's a hard metric to judge. Most of these areas have pecial attributes that set themselves apart in certain ways. Aspen Highlands has the bowl plus lots of steeps. Crested Butte has some of the best extreme terrain in the country. It's also 3 hours or so away from Breck. Silver ton is a truly unique experience in north america, but it's at least 5 hours from Breck. Telluride has great steeps, bumps, and is amazingly beautiful, but it's also at least 5 hours from Breck.

You can't see them all in three days. And given that you'll be in Breck, why waste your time driving when you'll have great skiing within a half hour of Breck?

My recommendations stand. But if you are more flexible in your lodging, I might change them.

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I would get the combo Alta/Bird ticket. It's a lot of terrain to cover, but you can get a good idea of what each area offers.  The tram opens at 9 and then you can still catch the last ride up Collins an hour after the last tram.    


The best expert terrain in Colorado in no particular order?




Crested Butte





If your set on staying in Breck and it's not a weekend, then I would do a day there and  then probably one in Vail.  During a weekend, I would definitely drive to Aspen.  You can easily hit Aspen Mountain in the morning, rack up a bunch of vert on the gondi and still head out to the Highlands for a lap or two in the Bowl.


If you really want to see the best of Colorado.  Do a circut of CB, Telluride and Aspen and avoid summit county all together.


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Dittos on the Alta/Bird ticket - with only 1 day ypu will not be hiking to any of the chutes. But from the Bird side the tram with get you the steeps under the tram and the bumps on Regulator Johnson with a ride back up on Little Cloud lift. Mineral Basin between The Bird and Alta is accesible from the Bird Tram or Collins Lift on the Alta Side, Mineral Basin has some excellant skiing Power, Bumps and Steeps depending on the conditions with lifts back up to either the Bird or Alta side. Also on the Alta Side there is High Rustler access from the Collins Lift if that that is your cup of tea, steep narrow and bumps.

This is probably what you will get to see of both areas in one day.

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