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Twin Tip Skis

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Hello, I've been looking for a set of twin tips skis to use all over the mountain.  I spend a lot of time in glades and in the terrain park, just for general information.  The one thing that is a must would be that the skis are symmetrical, yes, i know that all mountain and symmetrical are somewhat contradictory, however, I would appreciate any input I could get.

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Or maybe even the Pilgrim

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Actually the Blue Steel is pretty damn park specific. Scott steered me away from buying one as an AM ski, and suggested I would be much happier on a Jeronimo if I decided to go that route. They do have some interesting new designs in the prototyping stage that might fit this description. For now i'm sticking with my Vicik's and Caylor's.

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all mountain and symmetrical are somewhat contradictory


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Right, but whats a symetircal twin tip that is also all mountain. Like everyone is saying, its a contradiction. I figured thats as close as you are going to get. Then again Im no expert. Just giving a suggestion about what I am aware of.

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Volkl Bridge.

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My favorite new ski is the K2 Kung Fujas.....102mm waist and this truly the "do-everything" all-mtn twin. After four days of skiing hard pack, bumps, groomers, chopped crud and over a foot of POW I just can't say enough good. 

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