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The future?

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Maybe you are going to call me crazy but I think the future of the ski design is about the ability of the ski to adapt automatically to the current [snow] conditions. Maybe this is now going to sound too hi-tech but:


- skis are going to have sensors for the current snow crystal properties

- skis can adapt in length

- skis can change chamber dynamically

- skis can change rocker dynamically

- skis will adapt to the skiers skiing style, weight

- etc..


The answer, nanotechnology and such.


Right now there are universal skies, skies for particular conditions, but would it be nice to have ONE PAIR for everything?


What's your opinion on this? Please don't hate, troll or flame.

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I think ski's that did that would cost over $100,000 and require a rediculous amount of maintenance. Secondly, is nanotech anywhere near doing any of this. I mean forget the price for a second, I dont know of any current or forthcoming technology that could do this. Seems like a sci-fi fanstasy dream ski that will probably never exist. But hey, people said we'd never go to the moon...

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I agree right now it's too sci-fi and pricey, but in the future who knows ...

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