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NEED powder skis

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I am 16 years old and I am 6'11 at 135 pounds. I want a really good powder ski that is mostly for powder but works pretty good if there isnt a huge dump. Like I mean I'm looking for a ski that doesn't pass 115 mm or something like that. I have looked at the Czar and other skis but I want a powder ski that doesn't have a ton of sidecut. I am mainly saying this because I purchased the Line Prophet 100's which were fine for small carves but basically couldn't go in a straight line and hooked turned without me trying to. I am thinking the Czar's don't have enough sidecut as a radius of 44 meters seems quite a lot. I like what the head jerry has to offer with 110 mm underfoot with rocker and 26 meter turning radius. Any other skis like this that you would reccomend. Gotama's perhaps...

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I meant line jimi sorry

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I mean head jerry rofl

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Ok sorry I was referring to the head Jimi with a 32 meter turn radius

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6'11 135lb?


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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

6'11 135lb?


At 16, sure.



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How do you find clothes that fit?  th_dunno-1[1].gif

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I have a pair of élan 888 's I am selling they are 08/09 model aluminum if your interested let me know they have marker bindings very good shape
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100mm to 115mm roughly should do what you say, and as always, I favor the big manufacturers: Rossi Pro 112, Dynastar Sixth Sense Huge or Sultan, Volkl Katana or Mantra, Kaestle MX118, Fischer Watea 105 or 114, Salomon Shogun, Blizzard's offering in that width range. All are great and will serve your stated needs.


That Elan is not as wide as you are interested in, and I don't like that Marker for powder skiing.

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