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Skis size wondering !!!

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So I am 5"7 (170cm), 120lbs. I am looking at a pair of skis right now and there are two sizes available: 146cm and 156cm and I don't know which one to go for. Do you guys have any suggestion ? Should I go for the shorter or the longer one ? I am an intermediate skier.

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What are you using them for? 

Where are you planning on skiing, West, Midwest, East?  Snow conditions are quite different in these regions. 

What skis (brand/model) are you contemplating?  Some ski longer and some ski shorter.  Other folks may have some experience with the particular ski you are interested in.

Can you demo the skis you are interested in?


A 146 cm ski is a little on the short side but the 156 may be reasonable.  My daughter is just a tad heavier than you and skis on 165 cm skis quite happily on hardpacked groomers in Wisconsin.

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I am just going to use them for recreational skiing. I am going to ski in the East, mostly in NY, MA, and VT.


I am looking at the Rossignol 74 Carbon and 74 Composite>


Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to demo the skis. I have been looking at different sites online to choose which size but still cannot decide. Those sites say that the skis should be around the nose but skiers on a lighter weight side should get a slightly shorter pair. The only two options that Rossignol have are 146 (for the Composite) and 156(for both the Carbon and Composite). One is kinda short, one is kinda long.

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Any other suggestion ?

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You are 170 cm tall so a ski in the 155 to 160 range would be a pretty good length according to many people on this site.  However, you are the only one that can make that call as they need to make you feel like smiling when you are on them.  Who cares what others think.


More important than the skis are the boots.  They need to fit snugly and have the appropriate amount of flex for you.  If they are loose you will not have very good control of your skis.  If they are too stiff then you won't be able to shift your weight and adopt an appropriate stance.  This also is a personal decision - and the cost of the boot has little to do with how it fits you.  You can ski okay with a good boot and a so-so ski but you will not be able to ski okay with a boot that is wrong for you even if you have a great ski.  I skied badly for a number of years and then switched to a boot that fit better, with more forward lean (which I need), and with a slightly softer flex and my skiing improved dramatically.  I was suddenly in control and felt safer and happier, even at much higher speeds.


Once the boots are taken care of, you will do yourself a huge favor if you can locate a hill near you that has skis for demo.  Often the reps will visit for a day and let you demo their lineup, usually at a price similar to rentals.  Talk to people at the local hills, including the ones on the chairlift next to you that look to be about your size.   Talk to instructors.  There are a number of skis out there that are fun to ski on and that also promote good skiing technique and instructors should be able to steer you in the right direction.  Demoing a few models from different companies will tell you what you like and don't like about their skis.  Some manufacturers make very lively skis.  Others make skis that just seem to flow over the snow with little bounce.  Head, Fischer, Rossi, Volkl, etc., all feel different under foot.


Given the region you are skiing in, you will want a narrower ski (65-75 mm waist) for better handling on groomed hardpacked or icy slopes.  If you really like to get off groomed slopes, a wider ski is more appropriate.  Also, given your skill level you may want to stick to skis that have a turning radius less than about 15m.


Take your time and have fun trying out skis.

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"Intermediate" seems to be very broad definition since it looks like anyone who has been skiing for 3 days stops calling themselves beginner and then it's a huge way to advanced. But anyway, I'm 174 cm, 59 kg (whatever that is... 5'8"-5'9" and about 130lbs?) and an intermediate skier wink.gif  I'd never go as short as 146cm. 156cm I might consider for "slalomy" skis to use on crowded slopes. In reality my skis are 164cm, 170cm and 170 cm. I'm skiing groomed only.

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I really appreciate you guys' reply. It's very tough for me to demo skis. I don't have the I was actually going to do that at Jiminy Peak but my college club goes there only during the week so I cannot demo skis (according to the owner, I have to spend a whole day in order to demo skis but we go there only for the night).


Therefore, I am just trying my best to get a pair of skis online. However, regarding boots, I am definitely going to get it at Jiminy Peak, where I probably can find someone who can do bootfitting. Do you guys know if there are bootfitters at White Face ? I am might be going there next weekend.


So according to you guys' suggestions, would Rossignol Avenger 74 Carbon sound like a great pair ? It has a waist of 74mm and turn radius of 15m. Can you guys give me some general comments about this model ? I would really appreciate it

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go 156 shortest, 165 could work too, depends on the stiffness of the ski. Another suggestion for a ski with moderate performance characteristics. Rossignol makes the Phantom series (and the same under different model names for a few years), very mellow easy turning skis, several waists available, go for around 80mm IMO. East coast skiing I'd want good dampening for firm snow.  I don't like carbon for ice, but I don't know what carbon means in that ski model, stringers in the core to reduce weight? super light weight in a ski is mostly for hiking, and not great for skiing ice. slightly lighter weight skis are good for light skiers, I guess, but I'm not a fan.


the ski you're talking about, 15m turn radius is pretty tightly set up. 75mm waist is a little catchy in piles of snow laying on the groomer. don't like the choice for you.

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Then do you know any model that I should take a look at ?

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Any other suggestion ?

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Without seeing you ski it is just guessing. My guess is the 156 is the better choice. I would not put an intermediate skier on a radius larger than 15m for NE groomers.

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