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Beaver Creek Advice

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So, I'm headed up to Beaver Creek for the first time on Sunday, and thought I'd ask the knowledgeable peeps around here for a little advice on some of the great trails to hit. I tried searchin around on here a bit, but Beaver Creek doesn't seem to get that much chatter. I'm learning the ways of the bumps (but trying hard) and just getting my feet wet with skiing in the trees, so nothing too extreme with either of those two categories. That being said, I love me some steep trails and love to poke around away from the masses.


Basically, I'd love to know what I really can't miss when I ski there. I may not be able to make it up there again this season, so I got one shot at it. Thanks in advance for any help.

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For steep bumps, try the runs off the Grouse Mt. lift.  For even steeper (and longer) try Peregrine under the Birds of Prey lift.  For powder (if there is any) try the Rose Bowl /Stone Creek Meadows or Larkspur (under Larkspur lift).  BC has some of everything.  If your technique and edges are sharp, try Golden Eagle: the Downhill racing course.  Caution: very steep!  After beating yourself up on all these, take a gentle run off the Cinch lift.   Enjoy!

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Awesome, this is exactly the kinda stuff I was looking for. Thanks for the advice. The thrill seeker in me is instantly interested in something that requires a "Caution: very steep" warning.


I know some snow is in the forecast, but I'm not expecting a powder day or anything. I'm actually pretty darn excited about checkin this place out.

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If there is new snow -don't abandon the front side (Centennial 2k verts or more) some of my best pow days at BC have been lapping the Centennial while others head to other parts of the mountain. Can be very good during a dump.

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I found the Larkspur, Grouse and Birds of Prey lifts to be the real sweet spots of BC.  The bottom of the lifts are very near each other and each services a separate chunk of territory.  The closeness of the bottoms makes it really easy to hit different parts of the mountain during the day.  Grouse is almost all bumps. Larkspur has a nice big open bowl with a few shorter bump runs on skiier's right.  BoP has bumps and some other runs.  It also gets you to the Golden Eagle which is very fun.


Red Tail Camp near the bottom of the lifts is a nice place to eat with some heated outdoor seating.

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There wasn't any powder out there yesterday, but I'll keep the Centennial rec in mind for the future (lacking the powder, I was a little bored by the area and moved on fairly quickly from it). I loved Golden Eagle. That is one heck of a trail. I'd like another crack at it when the flat light isn't horrific. By that same token, I stayed pretty much away from Larkspur because of the flat light (after hearing it was pretty wide open).


That nexus of lifts definitely drew me in. I ended up having some grub at Red Tail Camp and was very content. Smoked brisket is a fav of mine and it did not dissapoint.


Overall I really enjoyed my time at Beaver Creek. The tips from here were very helpful. I also got some great advice from the Info guys on the mountain (not really sure what their official title is). Got the lowdown on the conditions of a couple trails, along with great descriptions of what to expect on the way down. After spending the day there, I am genuinely surprised BC doesn't get talked up a lot more. For Sunday on MLK weekend, the lift lines were very manageable (maybe one solid 5 minute wait around 10:30-ish). There is a ton of variety there, and the service is top notch. Perhaps those in the know don't want to let the secret out? smile.gif

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The Beav is the real deal.  It's just a bit far from Denver.



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Also try the BBQ at Red Tail Camp.  The pulled pork gets my vote!

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Ski the Golden Eagle run on Friday morning.  I think it is groomed 1X per week on Thursday night.  This is a great run!!

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Cool to see this thread resurrected. All the advice in here is spot on perfect. Hoping to get up to BC again this season, but the dance card is quickly filling up (taking my first pilgrimage to Jackson Hole in January and crazy excited about that).

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Spider is one of my favorites. It's right under the Rose Bowl chair.

Hard to beat the vibe at the Beav.


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