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Killington boot fitters?

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I am heading up to k mart this weekend( I am sure it will be mobbed) and i need a new boot. Anyone have any suggestions on a good boot fitter in the area, I have dealt with northern ski works in the past for skis, how are they as far as boots are concerned? Anyone have any experience with surefoot?


Thanks for the help

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I have dealt with them for boots lately and have been very pleased, Hal is good for finding the right boot at a price you can afford, they make good footbeds there also, insta print I believe.They will work with you to custom fit it if the boot needs some work. How were they for you when you bought skis?

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Stop in Ludlow at The Boot Pro on Rt 103/100 at the base of Okemo. Shon is hands down the best in the area. He's the only person I'll let fit my GF's boots. 

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I havnt used them but my feet are quite tough as far as boots are concerned.  I was there with a fellow former racer who got fittted for nordica dobermans (130s). He was happy to throw out his lange boots for the work they did on his new ones.

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I had Nick Blaylock do some "tweaks" with my boots and beds when he was part of the Greg Hoffmn team at Vail. I guess he's back home in the east now. Very capable and knowledgeable fitter.


I bought a pair of Atmoc boots off ebay a couple of seasons ago that he had listed. He got a kick out of seeing them again when he worked on them.

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+1 on Nick Blaylock.  Definitely.  Personally, I found Shon too anxious/ready to stretch boots to fix symptoms; Nick thinks about underlying issues and works to deal with the problem, not just the symptom.  And... a nicer, more understated guy can't be found.

My $o.o2

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+ 2 for Nick.  Hard to do better in the East.

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