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Advice on Replacement for Crimson Ti....

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Long time lurker, first time poster looking for some advice....


A little bit about me and what I like to ski.  I'm 29 and have been skiing since I was about 6, typically average about 10 days per year on the hill (with a couple of years far in excess of that).  I spend 70% of my time in the trees and the rest all over the rest of the mountain.  Spend as much time as I can at Jay Peak, and when the snow up there isn't worth the trek I head to Sunday River or Stowe.  If anyone know's Andre's Paradise - just a little beyond there is my favorite place in the world - just past the last set of tracks.  Oh yes, 6' and 230, give or take.


Anyway, at Thanksgiving last year I picked up a demo pair of Atomic Crimson Crimson Ti's in a 169.  I know a lot of people will think that is short, but laid over on their side, they are simply bullet-proof - so long as you can stay forward on them....


Now - my problem is this:  I've blown out a good chunk of the edge right under my boot.  My local shop did a pretty good job of pushing the edge back in as far as they could and put some epoxy in to help hold, but it is only a matter of time until the edge rips out completely and I am without skis.


If money were no object, I'd just find as many pairs of these as I can and stash them away somewhere.  Alas, that is not the case and I do everything I can to find last year's or demo models to ski on.  


I've also skied the Volkl AC50 and the Head M88, as well as a couple of other similar mid-fats.  I don't remember loving or hating the Heads, but I found the Volkl's to be too damp - I felt like I had to look at the snow under my skis to know what was going on.  


My question:  what's a non-cap ski that is closest in performance and feel to the Atomic?  Other question:  anyone have a pair of Ti's they are looking to get rid of?


Appreciate your input on this.  I'd like to start gathering knowledge so I know what to try and what to do when I blow them out!



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Sorry for bumping my own thread, but looking for some input...


tl/dr - Looking for input on a replacement for the Crimson Ti that is not a cap - I keep blowing out my edges....



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I'd strongly recommend a Blizzard 8.7 Magnum for you, lively, maneuverable, will hold up to your size (although no ski, cap or sandwich, will eat rocks without throwing up), great ski for eastern conditions, and bombproof construction. Dawgcatching has some deals on them, I think. 

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beyond - thanks for the input on this one...


I went and found a couple of reader reviews on it and it looks like that might be a great ski to get myself out and demo on...  


I know no ski is invincible when it comes to rocks - but at least if it not a cap ski, I can replace a least part of the edge, which I currently can't do with my Atomics.  

Thanks for the input!

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