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Vail/Breck Local Advice Needed

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I'm planning a Bachelor party the weekend of April 2nd 2011, and I've narrowed it down to either Vail or Breck.  I've got a few questions I'm hoping some locals could help me with:


1) Snow:  Late season, would Breck being 1,500ft higher give us a better chance for good snow conditions (i.e. afternoon slush)?  Or will it not really make a difference?


2) Nightlife:  I've read some no-so-flattering reviews on Yelp about places like Cecilia's or Liquid Lounge at Breck.  Reviews tout all guys, lots of fights, "heady brosephs" wearing layers of tall tees and caps, calling Breck the capital of steeze.   I saw no such reviews for Vail...  Now, the good news is, we'll be after spring break.  So, would one mountain town be noticeably different than the other, keeping in mind we're just looking for a fun crowd and enough women to make it entertaining?



Any other thoughts/suggestions that might help turn the tide?  Thanks for your help.

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If you stay in Breckenridge then you have access to other Summit County mountains. Thinking Arapahoe Basin here for late season snow. These guys usually get their best conditions in late March, through April being so high. They usually stay open until late June or July.


Vail can be good around then too but is more variable.


I've skied Vail Pass backcountry in a cat in early April in years past and it has been some of the best skiing I've ever done. I you can get a group of guys to spring for a cat tour back there then you're golden. I've got a name of a guy who runs a cat up there if you need one. 

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They are like night and day in their differences. Both on and off the hill.


Breck will generally have better, deeper, snow that late, although Vail won't necessarily suck, but it could. All depends on how warm it gets and for how long it stays warm.


Breck is a ski town where young riders hang out in the bars. Vail is an expensive resort with its fair share of youth but the perception at least is that tolerance for hooliganism is less in Vail than Breck.


You can find decent bars in either town, you are more likely to find rowdy bars in Breck.


Frisco is a small town with upscale and downscale bars and a much lower profile than either Breck or Vail.


What sort of bachelor party are you looking for? Rough and edgy? Sedate and stylish? You could do either in any town in Summit or Eagle counties.

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I agree with MastersRacer's comments.  It will depending on your age group and the type of entertainment you are seeking.   Both resorts offer some great bars and restaurants.  I typically ski in late March to mid-April in Summit and Eagle counties, and have had some great experiences; especially, at Vail.

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Some of the best skiing I've done over the last few years has been late season, first weekend in April, snow storms that bring lovely knee deep powder. I tend to avoid Breck as I just don't like the day trip logistics and don't prefer the terrain so I spend my spring days at Copper, Vail and Abasin mostly. 

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More ski bunnies in Vail if you are looking for that.  More trust fund babies too, lol


Like it was said earlier, Breck is a regular ski town with lots of bars and Vail is a resort area with lots of bars.  I would say that Breck's main street kind of resembles a college main street with it's row of bars.

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You do realize that probably 60 of your closest friends from this web site will be in town that weekend don't you ?

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