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Helmet Tunes

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how many long time skiers use these things nowadays ? i was a strident anti-helmet guy for a long time but started wearing one a few years back because my wife was bugging me about it and the kids wear them so we need to "set an example". anyway, since i started wearing the helmet i put the skull candy ear drops in and got a mini ipod shuffle that clips to the inside of my jacket. i hate to admit it but it's pretty cool being able to listen to tasty garcia jams on the lift or skiing the trees and bumps. seems to fit together nicely !


just wondering what others think of these things and whether or not it's irreverent and bad form to have this stuff. from an old school, purist sense.

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Aye. I use the Giro Skullcandy bluetooth headphones. I don't crank them up so I can hear anyone trying to get my attention.


I'm old (school) as well


There's nothing better than sitting at the top of ridge on a powder day with Scarlet Begonias pumping through your head :)

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Right on ! Or a tasty Eyes or GDTRFB from '74 or '77 !

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I only had to tune my helmet once.  Now it works great.

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If you want to talk "old school" I remember renting out "Astral Tunes" deck and headphones back in the late 70's.  I've been hooked on skiing with tunes ever since.  I currently use my several year old Burton RED helmet w/ subwoofer and my trusty ipod mini.  The helmet rocks because you have volume control and mute on the outside of the helmet. I have no idea why they stopped making them?!  And yes, I'm one of Jerry's kids too!   

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Ain't it Crazy? The last time I went skiing, New Year's Eve, I forgot the earphones that fit under my ski helmet so I wore a knit hat and headphones. I was having a High Time, living the good life, well you know...  Practicing the Mississippi Half Step on my snowboard on the flat runout, must have hit a Ripple because before I knew what was happening, I'd Beat it Down the Line. Soon I was in an ambulance Going Down  the Road Feeling Bad. Spent The Midnight Hour in the ER.


I didn't get to ski that night, injured during the first two hours which I'd decided to spend practicing riding switch. Next Time You See Me, things won't be the same. Nobody's Fault but My Own. You know my love will not Fade Away.


I Bid You Goodnight.

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