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Whats your opinion of Rocker?

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Do you love it, hate it, why? Please touch on both full rocker and simply tip rocker. Do you think the industry went to far with its designs, are you looking forward to the toned down rocker coming in 2012? What amount of tip rocker do you want in a ski / do you think tip rocker hurts zoomer groomer skiing significantly? 



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While I have only skied a few skis with early rise and full rocker, I have come to the conclusion I love my Elan Pogo sticks which have early rise in the tip and tail yet still have normal camber under foot for about half the ski length.  The biggest advantage is how easily the tips release into the turns, especially on steeps.  These skis worked awesome in the powder and crud yet when on the groomers they still carved nicely and where very stable.  I own these!


My experience with full rockered skis and no camber is they worked great in the powder and crud but I disliked them on the groomers, even on soft groomers they were a compromise.  I passed on these.   If you have a full quiver of skis and want one for heliskiing or powder only days, these skis would fit the bill.


The early tip rise makes great sense for beginners and intermediates as it really makes turn initiation easier yet as soon as the ski is tipped up on edge the whole ski engages.  


As you noted, there are many varieties of rocker and rise with various starting points, and amounts.  It is all over the map and as with the evolution of shaped skis it will go too far then come back to settle in on the most functional.  Is it worth waiting???.... NOT! especially if you are skiing Mammoth this season!

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I think every ski works differently, so many factors come into play that aren't directly the result of how much rocker a ski has.  Such things as sidecut, tip and tail taper, camber underfoot, flex at various points on the ski....it is really hard to pigeon-hole a ski based on simply how much rocker it has.  I think you have to ski each model to find out how it really performs. Some skis with tail rocker ski like it (JJ, S7), and some, not so much (Bent, Huge Rocker). Some tail rockers are far off the snow and will engage only in crud, others are just a few mm off and are basically contacting snow 95% of the time.  As far as tip rocker: it seems to be generally good for off-piste skis.  The days of the floppy tip are gone (1st gen. Czar) and are now really solid in design.  I would much rather ski my MX108 in soft snow with it's generous tip rocker than a flat tip: the ski would ski longer, and the 187cm would go from fairly nimble to a whole lot of ski.  Whether it is an improvement for hard-snow skis remains to be seen. I have only skied a couple of tip-rocker groomer models, and didn't have a non-rocker version of the same ski to determine how the tip rocker affected anything.


Re. your last question: With many companies going tip rocker but no other changes on their frontside skis for 2011, it will be much easier to say what effect it has on performance.  Blizzard's Magnum 8.1 has a tip rocker/early rise next year, and no other changes.  Since that is such a ripper already, it will be easy to compare.



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