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What size slalom skis?

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I'm 6'2" and about 215 lbs.  I fluctuate between 200 and 215 (it's time to do some extra cardio).  Anyway, I demo'd head supershape magnums, pretty sure they were 170cm and really liked them.  The supershape magnums are a slalom shape but they are a bit beefy-er underfoot at 71mm.  I guess I am wondering if i should get the 170 length or the 177 length.


Another thought, the magnums are not a true race ski being 71mm underfoot.  I like them though because I am not really a competing racer, although I do participate in recreational race clinics.  Any other ski recommendations are appreciated.


Right now the only skis I own are Line Prophet 90's, which are surprisingly good carvers,  They are awesome for powder and fun for ripping groomers, but they are just too bulky for racing.  Need some advice!  No idea what length to go for race skis.

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If you go "pure" slalom, I believe that the longest skis allowed are 165cm (for men).


I weigh a little less than you and I have a pair of 165cm Head iSL RD that I dearly love.  That's a race stock slalom ski.  It's a stiff, powerful carving machine that I ski as an "all-mountain" ski a lot more than most people would ever believe.  The nice thing about a short, beefy ski like that is that it really does encourage you to ski on the middle of the ski because this IS no tail of the ski to rely on when you get your weight back.


If you're looking at the SS Magnum, you have a couple more length choices (as you mentioned).  I've skied both the 170 and the 177 a lot over the previous two seasons and I liked both lengths.  I would say that if you're skiing hard snow almost exclusively and your goal is to make short, perfect turns, then the 170 is the better choice.


Also, if you can demo, try both the SS Magnum and the new SS Titan.  I'm skiing the Titan this year as my everyday ski it's just about the sweetest everyday ski I've ever had.  That little bit of extra width versus the Magnum makes it just that much more versatile for the conditions I find here at Jackson Hole.


One last option, which is almost impossible to find in the US, is the Head Worldcup iSL SW SP13.  It's more specialized as a short-turn slalom ski than the SS series, but not quite as burly as the iSL RD. It comes in a 170 length, which might be a perfect fit for what you're looking for.


I can't help with any other brands/models because I just don't know them very well.  I'm a mountain rep for Head.  

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You might want to look at the regular Supershape, which is still around but now more ski than the previous version.

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