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Hi guys, 

I'm new to EpicSki, and wondered if anybody could give me some buying advice. I am looking to buy a new pair of skis, as have I recently sold my K2 Disorderlys. These were basically an impulse-buy a couple of years ago, as E-B had a sale on. Not sure what I was expecting out of them, but they were really too park-orientated for me. Didn't handle to well on piste. So I am basically looking for a ski to do it all. I enjoy the park and hitting kickers, but don't want a park/pipe dedicated ski. I like charging down a piste, and I also like to head off-piste for the deeper powder. 5 Ft 10, 69kg low end advanced. 

I have a few I've been looking at (all 2011): 

Atomic Access: Seems pretty cool, gets a lot of good reviews online. Pretty fat 100mm underfoot. In the "Freeride" category, although not sure I'd class myself as a Freerider? Limited use in park for kickers I imagine?

Line Blend: Sounds like another good option, pretty versatile, not sure about performance on piste? Not too impressed with the graphics either!

Salomon Lord: Ski of the Year a couple of years ago, seems pretty capable of doing it all. Shame about the semi-twin, full would have been better. But pretty good all rounder I think?

Scott Punisher (regular): Again, gets good reviews online/youtube etc, punky graphics though. 

I know that really there is no "one-ski quiver", with trade off's blah blah, but I'd appreciate any comments particularly if anyone has used/owns any of the above. Leaning slightly towards the Access and maybe the Lord.