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I've heard a lot of good things about both Nordica's SLR and GSR skis, and I have had the opportunity to demo them over the last couple of years.  This year, the Nordica SLR and GSR skis are turning out to be hard to find and many stores appear to be sold out of them. 


Since Technica owns both Nordica and Blizzard, and the Nordica and Blizzard junior race skis are the same, I've been thinking about ordering a set of Blizzard race skis to use for beer league racing. Blizzard appeaers to be quietly going about building better and better skis and everyone I know who has Blizzard skis for all mountain use rave about how good they are. 


It looks like I won't be able to demo them (I know never buy before a demo), but before I pull the trigger and order the skis, I'm wondering how do the Blizzard skis compare to the Nordica skis?  There isn't much info on either the Nordica or Blizzard websites but both skis seem to be very similiar in construction.  The biggest difference seems to be the plate - Blizzard has a piston plate.