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Man, are they wide, 115 mm under the foot, early rise tips and 179cm in length. I work for a performance ski rental shop and bought them because I got them for a great price. I think my employer made about $35 on the sale. I thought they might be too wide for Sun Peaks, but not after yesterdays boot top to knee deep near perfect light powder on the runs and deeper in the trees and in the side country.


At one point I was skiing a gully and one ski hit a patch of completely unconsolidated snow (no previous tracks) and the ski sunk. I thought I was going to submarine in head first but instead the ski came right up to the surface without me doing anything. I was so surprised I came to a complete stop.


These skis are easy to ski in deep snow, still let me sink in the snow, delivered face shots and were a confidence builder in the trees.