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Stowe conditions?

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Looks like they got a foot of new from the storm, but still alot of closed trails. Anyone been?

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Haven't been, however they have 90 out of 116 trails open...most they've had all season.  Nosedive Woods looks pretty good too!

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snowmaking trails are buried deep, non-snowmaking varies from dirt to over the knees powder. Patrol opened a lot today.

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well hayride was FKNA awesome today. as were alot of things.


we have had about 14 inches of denser snow since those pics above as well

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

well hayride was FKNA awesome today. 

I could have skied that all day long. Tomorrow, I will.

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Just came back Thurs.  Pow Wow!  Starr & Goat were closed, but some poached Goat.  Snowed Mon nite - Thurs.. they were up to about 20" fresh Weds...still snowing Thurs...

It's was amazing!

Kat in NJ

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