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Mt. Snow vs Okemo

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Thinking about tkaing the kids to one, or maybe both for an overnight trip soon.


Kids have only skied at their home mt - Greek Peak in central NY (and one other small nearby hill).  They are pretty comfy on most everything there, but challnged by the couple of the steepest bumped trails.


Are Snow and Okemo pretty similar mountains and experiences?

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Short answer: yes. 


Longer, more nuanced answer: Okemo has more of a "resort" feel.  It's designed as a destination resort and has many of the upscale amenties, especially in the Jackson Gore area: outdoor firepit, on-slope condos, small self-contained town at the foot of the mountain. 

Mt. Snow feels more like a ski area that is close to a town.  That said, the "town" is pretty spread out along Rte. 100 and there's plenty of retail/restaurants, but it's not all together.  Ludlow is probably a bigger and more interesting town than Wilmington/West Dover.

Okemo aims to be more resort-y and upscale.

Mt. Snow is a bit older and a bit tired.


As for skiing, Okemo has traditionally been the conditions king, but with new owners and new fan guns, Mt. Snow is coming on strong. 


I find Okemo to be monochromatic and a bit of a snooze as regards terrain,

I think the North Face (diamonds all) and the open tree-skiing policy at MS give it the advantage for my purposes -- but these may not be issues for you.


If you are looking for a resort experience with more reliable housing, choose Okemo.

If terrain or cost is an issue, choose MS.


My $0.02

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I have been taking my 2 boys (8 & 11) to Okemo since they were 3. They are both very comfortable there. It has a great ski school and is a very welcoming mountain for kids.


I agree with tch that the terrain at Okemo can get boring if you like challenging runs. However, based upon what you said it doesn't look like that will be much of an issue.


Lots of fun things on the mountain like the waffle hut and the small terrain parks. The kids seem to like these little diversions. Last year we went these with 4 families, 1 of which were not real skiers. They all had a blast and can't wait to go back.


Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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pI have been to both and in my opinion, it is a easy decision.  Okemo is the place to go.  I think it offers better terrain and more to do with the family.  I have skied Okemo seveal times and hit Mount Snow last year.  Check out both of their websites and decide.  Okemo has a new zip line type ride that looks like a blast!  Enjoy







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If you are going over night i would recommend okemo over mt snow. Okemo has the resort town feel that mt snow lacks. If you plan on staying in at night however i think they are quite similar

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I learned to ski on Mt. Snow at age 6 (about 1984 and 1985) and then the family started shopping around for another place...tried Okemo, then Stowe, then right back to Okemo. Never looked back. Okemo is our home base for skiing in VT. It's got plenty of terrain...maybe not the northface steeps of Snow but still can challenge. Sel's Choice is always great for bumps. I like the feel of Ludlow. It's a real VT town, hard working people and a good vibe. Don't miss the Hatchery for breakfast.


Nice thing about Okemo is it can be a great jumping off point for numerous other smaller hills very close by for a day trip. Last year I hit up Suicide Six which was a real treat ... total old school VT. Magic Mt. and Bromley are close by too, and Stratton. Okemo's in the middle of it all.


That said, i'd definitely try Snow again, but it's changed so much since I was a kid. I wish they still had the M&M shaped two seat skis-on gondola. That thing was awesome...until cars started falling off in '87 I think. That was the end of that.eek.gif



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