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I'm an advanced skier (20-30 foot drops, lots of skinning in the backcountry, steep and deep, and rails / switch riding in the park).


I've been doing this mix for the past 6 years on a pair of 191cm Atomic TM:EX skis with AT bindings/boots ... and strangely, I have been perfectly happy with it.  The ONLY problem with this setup has been that these skis had almost no twin tip, and so while I can land switch just fine, it is very difficult to take off switch.


So, now that these skis are about to fall apart, I would like to once again buy a single ski setup to do everything from backcountry skinning to rails in the park.


Some questions....


I have not skied the Mantra yet, but I have demoed the bridge and kendo, and I note they are mounted much closer to the center of the ski than "typical" skis ... and I enjoyed this, but I wonder - is there any issue in skinning/climbing/touring with the binding mounted closer to center ?  I wouldn't think so, but I'd hate to discover some difficulty later...


Second, I loved the Kendo, but it also has very little twin tip, and so I am leaning toward the bridge ... but I notice that the kendo has the same "strong" construction as the mantra does, whereas the bridge does not seem to be built so burly ... what am I giving up by going with the bridge ?


Comments/suggestions appreciated.  Thanks.