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What equipment changes have you made that improved your racing?

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In SL I started to use significantly shorter ski poles. By doing this I feel I can ski closer to the snow. It dropped my CoM. Also, I dont need to lift my arms as high to plant my poles. It also made my ski pole work quicker.


I also got new boots with shorter boot soles. This improved the quickness in my leggs and how fast my skis react to any movements I do. The difference was quite substancial. Especially in SL it seemed to have the biggest impact.


I dropped my canting back to cero which works much better for me on steep, icy, fast racing tracks.


Ive moved my boots slightly forward of the centermark on the ski. It makes the skis turn more even and it prevents skidding. Now its much easier to hold a carve.


I use more narrow boots now. Since I started using semi racing boots aka Doberman 130 its much easier to carve since I dont boot out anymore.

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Boots, antique leather to rentals to race boots.


Purpose specific skis worked better for their purpose, but I don't think it actually improved my skiing as much as boots did.


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What boots Ghost?

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I went form antique lace ups of which I don't remember the brand to Raichle leather boots with buckles and fibreglass (I think that's what kind of plastic it was) on the sides.  That provided some improvement. 


I don't know what happened those Raichle  boots, but they were pretty low cut, and I remember renting higher all-plastic boots for a while.  I finally got tired of the poorly fit mushy rentals  (they weren't all mushy, some were demos, eg. Salomon Equipes) and got some Koflach Comp 911, with custom superfeet cork insoles, and double (or triple I can't remember) stacked VIP foam liners (extra canisters to put very high density foam in the liners instead of comfy foam in the liners (it was busting out at the seams).  No doubt th0se boots were too stiff for me, but I was on the rebound from too soft and wanted instant response for very high speed skiing on dangerous terrain, as I thought that extra tenth of a second could be the straw that breaks the camels back when it came to testing my reflexes at warp speed when coming up on an obstacle.  Although I never finished getting these boots tweaked to fit, they still provided me with a performance improvement.   I would say that was the biggest improvement.


I then got tired of worrying about loosing my toes to frostbite and tried to finish the fitting process which only removed the performance from the boots without improving the fit enough for my liking.  When I get rich, I will have to see what I can do about getting the liners let out a bit, but they are probably packed out in all the places where they weren't supper too tight to begin with. 


I rented boots for a while, and now have a pair of kinder and gentler Salomon Crossmax 10s, which are good enough for what I now do. 

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The results are arguable....improvements are relative.


Longer poles, my GS poles are almost too long for recreational skiing, but for the starting gate I get a real good launch.

Boots, got proper race boots professionally fitted..,..before this it was like trying to drive a 69 Cadillac in an autocross.

Skis, changed all my edges to 3-1, much better ice hold.
Reading all the tips from the good skiers at EpicSki.


TDK, I think I might experiment with moving the bindings around, I did that a few years ago based on Head's recommendation for some non-race skis with Railflex bindings, but never on course.

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Ummm...a few years ago, I switched from a Lange non-race boot to an Atomic CS 130...fits great with a little grinding, just the right flex, my coach helped me set up the canting and shaft angle, I'm on my second pair, haven't looked back.  I'm a big believer in the Atomic system, I got on the D2 technology for SL and GS last year, works great for me, I also like the new X bindings, seem like they have a better connection to the ski than the 10-18, and the design looks safer to me, although I can't say exactly why.  For speed skis, I have 5 pairs, two pairs of 201 SGs, two pairs of 205 SGs, and a pair of 210 SGs that I used for DH.  They are all the Aerospeed 3 design, which has more sidecut, is overall wider, and I think has a more lively construction and faster bases than the speed skis from the previous era...


Also, I switched from Swix to Toko waxes a couple of seasons ago, and not just because my coach can get us race form prices on wax.  The Toko system is really simple to understand, and their overlays are the fastest, IMHO. 


I got a Spyder GS suit this year to go along with the other 5 or so I have.  The new Spyder suits fit better, the padding is better positioned, the zippers are longer (thank God..), and they're warmer and wick moisture better...



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Good topic tdk... but I'm not telling. biggrin.gif

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