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Pre Race Rituals! (Pshycing myself out!)

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I am having trouble with slalom.!!


So I have been skiing amazing in high School practice. Putting up Training Times that are over a second faster then our second seed skier. Perfect Runs in High School training.


In my Club (Parks) I have been very bad in training. Skidding through most of the turns and over all having little control, my upper body is every thing but still, getting back, having to ski out. We ski much harder courses in my club then in my High School.


So along comes race day in HS and I do bad. Practically skidded out. Lost all my confidence. Then a club race and I do decent. Somewhere in the middle of the times for J1 Guys, I was proud of myself. Tonight at a high school race I DNFed my first run by losing a ski right at the top of a slalom course. Between runs I just free skied like mad and listened to some pump up music (Thank God for Eminem). Then my next run I did good.


I have been like physcing myself out whenever an important HS race comes along. (Important being making it down the hill so I get a good time and score to place better in the meet to make it to state) I still can't figure out why I am doing bad in club practices and good in HS practice, then its the opposite on race day. Just would like some input on what you guys do to calm nerves and how you guys execute your race runs vs practice.  I need to ski more consistently to help out my HS race team. Thanks for the responses. :)

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A swig of brandy before you get in teh start gate biggrin.gif

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Fixed it for ya!


Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post

A swig of Schnapps before you get in the start gate biggrin.gif


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Between Runs, Shave and have a shot of espresso!


It worked for Tomba!

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Stop thinking and let your skis do the talking.

Stop thinking, eyeball your line thru the first two gates, and let the adrenaline build.

Stop thinking, do a couple of deep knee bends at the wand, then kick that puppy.

Zen begins where thinking ends.

I'm not a very good racer but I am an expert at psyching myself out.smile.gif

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Some folks have a theme song for the season and rock it out in earbuds to clear their head before stepping in the start house.

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First and foremost: DO NOT over  think it!!!

 You can do it and you know it.

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In all seriosness. It is all about inspection.


You must inspect the course with seriousness and purpose. find a more experienced racer or one of the faster racer that is willing to inspect with you. Study the course intently


You could draw an analogy to practicing a speech. If you really have your lines down cold before getting up in front of the crowd, chances are you won't be nervous because you know your stuff inside out!


No different on a race course. Hermann Maier was famous for being the 1st to inspect and the last off the course.  


Usually a race run can be successful or not on a couple of key gates. If you know exactly where you want to be, where you can tuck, where you can catch the falline (wide tight to the panel, direction, landmarks) at those gates you are much less likely to make a mistake.


good inspection is a skill unto itself. Don't under estimate teh effect it can have on your perfomance and state of mind if done properly.


All this talk about don't think is ridiculous. The top athletes in any endeavor are not always the most tallented, usually they are the most prepared!


Visualization is also an excellent technique. Racers concentrate and see themseelves in their mind's eye actually racing the course. You will see this often at the start of a World Cup race.


Eyes shut,  intense concentration,  hands together and out front moving fsnaking rom side to side as they see themsleves in their mind actually skiing the course!

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Cocaine and booz did it for me back in the day... now I'm doin lines of flouro powder and passin out in the lodge before my runs.



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In all seriousness though, inspect as much as you can. If possible do video of a course slip, taking notes of key gates and features. Then watch the video over and over and over again until your race run. Helped me a lot a couple of years ago when I started cutting down on my GS points.

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