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Basics of Jumping

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Couldn't find any threads about the basics, only "I'm doing/not doing this, how do I..."


1. Popping- Can anyone explain, in some degree of detail, how to do it?  I can jump onto a box fine, but when people talk about it I get the impression it is different from just jumping.

2. While in air/landings- What should I do?  I'm trying to keep my chest (center of mass for guys) forward so that way my weight is forward and I don't sit when I land.  But for whatever reason, I still feel odd when I land- like I'm bouncing back up, which leads to the last question.

3. Knees absorbing the landing- should the knees be bent as if I were skiing normally and simply take the hit from landing (so don't let my body drop down, etc.)?  Or should they be extended more, and when I hit the snow, let my body drop with my knees, then come back into a normal skiing position?



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Welcome to Epic Ken!


An easy way to think about jumping is the ATML model: approach, take-off, maneuver and landing. You're already thinking in those terms and that is great. Another helpful model is smart style. The first element in that is make a plan. When you plan your jumps by breaking them into 4 pieces, it helps you determine what speed you want, how high you'll fly and what forces to expect on landing.


During approach, think "down - up - down" for take off. As you flex your knees and drop your hips to  move weight down, be ready to feel the camber of the skis start the rebound effect so that you can add to it with extending the the legs to create pop. Once you are in the air, the simplest maneuver is to retract the landing gear (legs) for flight. Before landing, extend the landing gear and absorb the force of landing by flexing the legs as you land. Flex as much as you need depending on how much force you need to absorb. In general, if you take off in balance, you will fly and land in balance.


A drill you can do is to jump up and down in just ski boots. If you land stiff legged, you land loud. Try to land "quiet" by making the downward movement of the hips continue for as long as possible after the feet make contact with the snow. You won't always need that much absorption, but that's the movement you need to make. Think "up - down - up" on the landing (extend the legs, absorb the landing and then return to skiing position).


Before you jump you need to inspect the takeoff and landing areas (look before you leap) to estimate what is going to happen. A steeper take off will make for a flatter landing. A steeper landing makes a softer landing easier.


The easy style it concept means that you start with smaller, less complicated jumps (e.g. no in the air maneuvers) and work your way up to larger (either the same jump with a faster approach or a larger jump), more complicated jumps.

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