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Im with Atomicman. 150 flex is way too much for RR. Since my foot is size mondo 29,5 race plug boots are out of question. Non such made my size. I need to stick to these high end performace boots. Works pritty good for me at the time. And I know you cannot compare flex between brands or even models. My new Dalbello 130 are much stiffer than my old Dobie 130. And my 7y old Nordica The Beast 12 were much stiffer than the Dobies. Anyway, when I look at RR skiing I cannot find it justified to use stiff racing boots. No offence RR but you should work on technique first with softer flexing boots. That is part of your back seat problem. They are coupled together. You need to learn how to balance over your outside ski. You need to learn how to angulate. Check out my video on bad rotation to get an ide on how to boost your skiing.