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Need some powder skis

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I am 5'11 and 130 pounds (skinny I know) and I want a good powder ski. I am considering the Salomon Czar but am open to other ideas. Do you guys think the Czar is good?

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Truth is I have never ski'd it, but it reminded of this video. Both these experts are riding czars, check it out

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I think the Czar is a very good choice among the tip rockered skis. The fairly long tip rise lifts nicely in deeper snow and it is plenty wide for your weight but it has enough of a conventional cambered section underfoot and back to the tail to be reasonably comfortable on the ride back to the lift. Your weight would suggest the 174 but if you are a hard charger, the 182 would be the better call.



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How much are you looking to spend?  There are TONS of options in this category.  Seems like the Czars would be decent (I also have not skied them but have heard good things), and should be on sale for 450 ish come spring.  So will lots of other skis.  I would steer you toward one of the excellent handmade American options, like Moment Bibby Pro, ON3P Billy Goat, etc. if you are going to drop money on new skis.  I think the consensus is that Armada JJs are probably the best option in this category for larger manufacturers.  Too bad the 185s are sold out already.  Pretty much any rockered ski I have tried is really fun.  If you are looking for something more versatile, look at the Icelantic Nomad. 

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I really like my Czars.  I have the 174's but with I bought the 182's.  Definately upsize on the rocker skis...

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JJ's, Bent Chetler's, Obsethed, Czar, Rocker 2... so many to choose from.

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ON3P Makes very good quality stuff, I currently ski 2011 Gotamas, but my next skis will be from ON3P.Check them out. 

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