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Skis fit in Ford Focus?

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HI Guys,

You are being so helpful as I plan my trip.  Final question: anyone know if skis (185 cm roughly) will fit inside a Ford Focus?  I'm in the middle of renting a car and I'm trying to balance cost and size.  I can put the seats down (only two passengers), but I gotta get my skis inside.


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185's will go up to the Focus's armrest if renting the sedan and might touch the dashboard if it is a hatchback... no worries though, you'll be surprised how much stuff can fit into this car. I surprised many people in Tahoe in 2003-2004 when we were unloading our HB - 2 of us, X-country ski, poles, 2yo in the chair, our dog (90lbs dobermann) and some bags.


Just make sure you have chains and/or winter tires...

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Thank you for responding VladL.  Does this mean you have to run them up the center?  Have you ever tried going diagonal?  I'd rather not drive with skis running in between front seats; I will have two sets of skis and hate the idea of 4 skis jostling around when I'm trying to get to the shift lever, coffee, iPod, etc.

Thanks for any more clarification.

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Yep. center it was. But with 4 pairs it's not an option. well, you will have to fold the largest pice of the back down anyways. as long as i remeber, the seats are not a "fold flat" so in the sedan you might have enough room for the diagonal placement. not so much in the hb. what you cal also do is push the forward pasenger seat all the way forward and fold the back, fold the corresponding side of the back seat down. That should make enough room for the 4 pairs. 1 passenger will have enough room on the back behind the driver





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Yes.  185 or so skis can fit in a Focus diagonally and you can do it when putting down only the smaller of the two sides of the back seat.  You can also fit more than one pair.  Now, I have to give that a bit of a disclaimer since it works just fine in my '04 but the newer ones were redesigned and I don't know if that includes interior space.


Since I have a cargo box on my car I don't do this often, but I've done it when the box was off and it has worked just fine.

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BTW, where are you going? EU or US? US has no hb's so you are covered but EU has mostly hb's

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US: Salt Lake City.

Thank you all for assistance!  May your next ski day turn up powder.

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late to the party but 4 pairs fit easily diagonally in the back of the sedan.  I've even done 4 guys and 3 pairs of skis/one board.  Hatch is a bit more difficult.  They will fit diagonally but kinda hang over your shoulder One person bewhind the driver may be the better way to go.  Again, the cars have changed a bit over the years but I think the interiors are similar.

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